Novelty Gifts for Guitarists

Novelty Gifts for Guitarists

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If you are on the lookout for some clever gift ideas for your guitar player friend, you are in the right place!  Great gifts for guitar players can be hard to find, especially if you're not a musician yourself. So instead of giving them something that they can use as they play their music, why not surprise them with some novelty items that they will also love? Who doesn’t love novelty items? They are great conversation starters and ice breakers! I've done the hard part of finding the perfect novelty gifts so that you don't have to. Check them out below:

TtoyouU - Guitar Shaped Wall Hooks

These are something cute and functional that any guitarist can put up in his bedroom or music room. They don't look good; they also do the job! They can easily hold your coat, towel, hat, keys and other small items. It comes in three sets of cute guitar hooks (the hooks are made of metal) with different colors each (black, red and orange). 

The guitar design on each hook are all relatively the same size, but there might be a tiny bit of difference.  The mounting hardware is already included. All you need to do is mount them securely on a stud in the wall.  Any guitar player would love this.

Aneew - 16GB Black Pendrive Guitar Design USB Flash Drive

The next on our gift list is this USB Flash drive in a shape of an electric guitar! Isn't it so cute to look at? This is something that you can give to anyone (whether they are musically inclined or not). It is constructed of detailed quality and has enough space (16GB capacity) to store up lots of music and other computer files. 

Farmunion - Metal Pen Holder

This little desktop caddy is another great gift idea. It is a very simple but useful item. The quality of the material is great and sturdy. It is the perfect addition to any desk that will keep all writing utensils in and out of the way. The size is not too big and can hold about 5 to 10 pens. Its design is perfect for guitar or music lovers. 

Leegoal - Music Guitar Bottle Opener

First off, this is not a guitar. If you take a closer look at it, it's a violin! Nonetheless, this is a great bottle opener for any musician. Your guitarist friend will want to use this! It is made of study material, and it looks so sleek and nice. It's a cool and useful wallet tool that anyone should have. 

Fairy Dust - Pint Glass Embedded with a Real Guitar Pick

This is a functional novelty gift.  It looks cool, right? Yes, the pick is well embedded into this awesome standard sized pint glass! You don’t need to worry if it would leak around the pick insert since it’s perfectly sealed. The glass is also not too thin to make it fragile. This is a perfect gift for a guitarist who likes something a little different. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece too. 

There you have it. Skip the boring gifts and give them something that is unique! Hope this gift guide helps.

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