NEW Benefit Makeups You Should Check Out Today

NEW Benefit Makeups You Should Check Out Today

By avatarRainaGee


If you are reading this article, then you must be excited as I am about Benefit’s new makeups. Benefit has never failed to amaze me with how effective their products are in enhancing one's features.   

I first learned about them from their popular POREfessional, and I never stopped since then. That is why I'm so thrilled to share their new products, and I am sure that you are too, so read on. 

Brow Contour Pro 

This brow contour would let you create an expertly defined eyebrow. It cleverly features and combines a deeper brow shade, a lighter brow shade, arch highlighter and an edge definer, a really complete set for a neat and well-defined brow.  

You can certainly turn your creepers into a contoured brow instantaneously. It is so easy to apply that you can make this part of your “everyday” look. It is also tested to last for as long as 24 hours and is also waterproof. 

It is available in 5 shades to flatter any skin tone, from blonde-light, brown-light, brown-med, brown-black-light, and brown-black-deep. A real must-have for any avid brow makeup user. 

Gimme Brow  

If you love Benefit’s Gimme brow, then this is a total hit for you. Gimme brow+ has the same results with the Gimme Brow that is a full and natural-looking brow but with updated ingredients which makes this better. 

Just a few strokes of its easy-to-use brush and your brow looks impressively defined. It still lives up to its reputation as the number selling Prestige Eye Brow Gel in the US back in 2017. 

It’s tested to make your eyebrows beautifully thicker and fuller that can last long. 

Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation 

Are you skipping your foundation at times because you don’t want the heavy feeling on your face? Well, I bet you won’t have to do that anymore because this foundation is 99% weightless and 98% breathable. 

It is not only lightweight but can also naturally hide imperfections that give it a beautiful matte finish. It also has SPF 15, to keep your skin protected. It comes in 5 complementing shades that will blend into any skin tone. 

Simply shake this liquid foundation, then apply one drop at a time using your fingertips. Repeat as you please and blend in for an even finish. A really awesome way to even out your skin tone and make your face feel and look happy all day long.  


Just by its name, you would expect that this mascara is bold and intense. I must say it truly fits the name because it can visibly make your volumized lashes look longer, thicker and lifted for as long as 36 hours! 

Its sophisticated formula uses light materials like aero-particles that can defy gravity, so it will not weigh down your lashes. It comes with a well-shaped brush that is designed to reach all corners of your lashes from roots to tips. 

Plus, this water-resistant and smudge-proof mascara is loaded with ProVitamin B5 that can help your precious lashes grow stronger and longer. 

In summary, these new beauty essentials will be of great value for your every penny. I am sure you know what I mean if you are a loyal Benefit cosmetic user. On the other hand, for those who are about to try — please do not hesitate. 

You would be as obsessed as I am in no time. That is why I will certainly get one of their Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation. I think it will blend well with my all-time favorite POREfessional and my face will surely thank me for it. 

And of course, I will eventually try the rest of these beauty must-haves. As a final note, in case you haven’t noticed their packaging is so playful, cool, and chic that creates a fun vibe and adds cuteness to any makeup bag. Truth be told, Benefit makeup is a great collection to any makeup junkie! 


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