My Top 3 Breakfast Recipe using My Favorite Protein Powder

My Top 3 Breakfast Recipe using My Favorite Protein Powder

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What has been the biggest struggle during your fitness journey? Diet, right? When I was 65 Kg and I thought to drop some weight, diet was my biggest concern. I am fond of delicious foods of different cuisines. I almost gave up assuming that this journey is no longer going to be delicious. I have to compromise on tasty meals that is nearly impossible possible for me. If you can vibe with me, give me five! Because today I am going to share my top 3 breakfast recipes using my favorite protein powder. Well yeah, I am talking about Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder.  

I have been using this Whey protein powder by Optimum nutrition (ON) since last 3 years. The most delicious part of this protein powder is it comes in 15 flavors:  

Rocky Road 

Chocolate mint 


Cookies and cream 

Strawberry banana 

Chocolate coconut 

Vanilla Ice-cream 

Chocolate malt 

Banana cream 

Mocha Cappuccino 

Double rich chocolate 

Cake batter 

Delicious strawberry 

Extreme milk chocolate 

French vanilla cream. 

I love double rich chocolate flavor and now you have got 15 options to pick your favorite one. So, let's talk about three of my favorite breakfast recipe that I used to make using Double rich chocolate flavor of protein powder. 

My Top 3 breakfast recipes using my favorite protein powder: 

Overnight Oats Recipe: 

Oats is very rich in fiber and it actually helped me lot to reduce my waist size from 34 to 28. I normally do not like the taste of it so, I prepare it in a different way.  

-First of all, Take some oats in a jar. 

-Add some milk, Greek yogurt, one table-spoon of honey. 

-Add a spoon of Optimum Nutrition Protein powder into it. 

-Add some dry fruits like dates, resins, almonds and mix them all. 

-Keep the jar in your refrigerator for the night. 

And your breakfast is ready in the next morning. You can even add some fresh and healthy fruits like banana, apple, berries into it. This mouthwatering recipe takes very less time to prepare. Specifically, it is perfect for weekdays breakfasts. The Protein powder makes the whole recipe extra healthy and it will keep you full for all day long. 

Chocolate pancake: 

Who is a pancake lover here? Me too. I love pancakes, especially when it comes in chocolate flavors I can eat them all day long. Double rich chocolate by Optimum Nutrition protein powder is the main ingredient we need to make this delicious recipe. All you need to just add a two spoons of protein powder into the pancake powder and you are done. Your pancake will be a source of great whey protein with extra delicious chocolate flavor.  

Banana-berries chocolate shake

I usually take four ingredients to make this super healthy and delicious shake: banana, berries, skimmed milk and one spoon of double rich protein powder. I mix all of them in blender and my perfect breakfast shake is ready.  

Do you still think your fitness journey is full of boring and tasteless food? Optimum Nutrition protein powder has made my fitness journey completely appetizing. Now it is your turn to make some flavorful food.  

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