Must-have Safety Gears in Mountain Biking/Cycling

Must-have Safety Gears in Mountain Biking/Cycling

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It’s summer again! This season is appropriate for riding or mountain biking. Doing so, we need to make sure that we have proper and durable safety gears and enough things essential for rides. We need to ensure our safety first before starting this activity.

Look and check yourself before you go, so you can enjoy this activity safely.

Having a mountain bike doesn’t just mean owning one. It isn’t even just for riding. What I mean is, having one takes responsibility. It is your companion beyond risks so take good care of it, love it as you love your pet.

Before going for a ride, make sure that your bike is well conditioned beforehand and  that you carry along these things and wear these safety gears:


Above all, water must not be forgotten. Well, the reason against dehydration is one obvious basis for that but overall, it is life and will bring you to life as it replenishes your body water and turns your body activities back to regular.


The most important part of our body is the head. Thus, always protect your head by wearing a helmet during the ride. For your own sake, choose the best and reliable helmet that you can afford. Wearing such will guarantee safety and protection for your head in case of fall or crush. Also, it can reduce or prevent serious head injuries if ever.

Cycling Jersey

Wearing one doesn’t mean only for fashion. Cycling jerseys are specially made with specific materials used for the benefit of the cyclist. It is made of fabrics that easily transcend sweat for fast evaporation, keeping you dry with comfort.

Cycling jerseys are also made with body grippers to have it stay in place while your body works and moves. These clothes have pockets where you can carry your small things with you on the ride.

Cycling Glasses

Choose the frame that fits you but rather choose the one that is made of Polycarbonate lenses which are virtually unbreakable. Since the purpose of having to wear this is to protect the eyes from dust and wind, choose the one which has anti-glare UV protection lenses.

Longer exposure to sunlight has been found to cause common eye ailments. So, choose the eyewear that will take you away from those possibilities.

Cycling Shoes

It’s totally different from regular sneakers, running shoes or rubber shoes. Cycling shoes are clipless and made with stiff soles and rigid upper part. This enables more efficient pedaling through transferring your power to the metal cleats. The comfort it brings can also prevent muscle cramping during a long ride.

Cycling Gloves

Wearing it is mainly for extra comfort. Cycling gloves will keep those hands free from sweat and maintains a grip to the handlebar.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Just in case of crash or fall, wear it all the time when you go for a ride. At least when it happens, those elbows and knees are well protected.

Arm and Leg Warmer

As the name it says, it is to warm up your skin from the changing temperature when you go higher from the plain where the weather gets colder. Wearing such helps your body adjust to the temperature changes. However, for some areas where sunlight can be burning, cyclists are also wearing warmers to protect their skin from the possible skin problems that UV rays can cause.


 Maintain a good speed during the ride. It's a good guide to track your pacing if it is just too fast or too slow. It is also necessary for you to reach your destination on time as you are monitoring your speed.

So, these are the things that we need to have when we go cycling. Thank You!!!

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