Minimalist Hair Salon: Must-Have Products

Minimalist Hair Salon: Must-Have Products

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I've always been a minimalist, and I've always been into hairstyling (and makeup too). So in this article, I decided to combine the two things I love: minimalism and hair. I know most of you will agree that most beauty and hair salons today have awesome interiors. Some are modern, colorful, vintage, etc. But right now, I'm going to share with you some products that you can buy to achieve a minimalist hair salon. Our color theme is BLACK — my favorite shade. 

Hair Clips for Hair Styling and Sectioning by xtava

Finding the perfect sectioning clips that can handle any hair types make hair styling, cutting or coloring a lot easier. These clips are made of sturdy plastic and are incredibly lightweight. It doesn't matter whether you have thick or thin hair strands because they stay exactly where you put them, and they clip out super easy too. Plus, they don't leave any "hair tie lines" if you're trying to straighten your hair!

Nylon Cape with Snap Closure by Salon Sundry

This hair cutting cape has plastic snaps that are adjustable so you can choose the perfect fit for different neck sizes. It's about 50 inches x 60 inches in size, which is long enough to cover your clients. It's made of high-quality black nylon that gives the comfort and style you are looking for. Plus, its slick material makes dusting the hair off a very easy task!

Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels by Utopia Towels

Absorbency is one of the things that any customer or salon owner would want from their salon towel. These quick dry towels which are made from 100% cotton fabric have the perfect thickness for salon use. They are fluffy, they wash well, and they are bleach proof. They will surely stay black, so there is no need to worry about it fading even after so many washes.

Hair Straightener by BeautyCC

Looking for a perfect quality steamer hair straightener? Here it is! This doesn't take long to warm up and get you started. It is very easy to use, and the steam feature is astounding. It leaves your hair silky without drying it out. Aside from a built-in comb, it also has pads for your finger at the end and a pad for your thumb too. Not only that, but it also provides different temperatures to choose from. You even have the option of using the steam or not. 

Hair Dryer by Jinri

Some other hair dryers just give too much heat that makes you feel a burning sensation in your scalp, but not with this one! Thanks to its tourmaline ceramic coating, the heat is distributed evenly with this dryer. It makes your hair silkier, shinier and gives it more volume. It is extremely lightweight (very light on the wrist), but powerful! It offers amazing infrared and ionic features too and provides two speeds and three temperature settings that you can choose from.

Styling Chair by FlagBeauty 

This is a salon-worthy chair. The black color has a very clean and minimalist look to it. It's able to rotate smoothly with its 360-degree movement, and the hydraulic pump can raise and lower the seat easily. It always makes a difference to sit in comfort, especially if you're going to sit for a long time!

Salon Appliance Stand with 3 Outlets by Saloniture

Who doesn't want to have everything easily accessible? Just put in your flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, and brushes all in this compact little stand. It's made from high-quality steel in a stylish black powder coat finish, which makes it very attractive. And since this stand has outlets, it makes things even more convenient. Your favorite hair equipment can all be plugged into the stand at once so you can use it instantly! Plus, you don't need to worry about having cords all over the place.

Wall Mount Hair Styling Station with Mirror by BarberPub

This is probably one of the most useful, yet stylish and minimalist salon stations that you can find. It offers you a half body mirror, and it comes in three parts: the top shelf, middle cabinet, and bottom cabinet. There's big storage at the bottom, and there are three shelves on top where you can store your hair products. This station will undoubtedly look even more amazing combined with any other hair salon furniture that you have.

Rolling Trolley Cart With 5 Drawers for Tool Storage by Saloniture

If you are searching for a multipurpose cart with lots of storage and is convenient to use, but still maintains a stylish design, then this one is for you. With this rolling trolley, you can load each drawer up with all the hair products and equipment that you always use. It comes with five slide-out drawers that are removable and interchangeable. Its body and drawers are made of black plastic that's high quality, which ensures you that it will last for a long while. 

Sanek Dispenser for Neck Strips by Graham

With this dispenser, dispensing neck strips has never been easier! It is completely made of durable plastic, yet still has a nice weight to it. It keeps the strips organized, and the dispenser works great. You can be sure that strips come out with ease. No ripping or tear!

Hairdresser Canvas Waist Apron by MyGift

This is an important must-have in a hair salon for hairdressers. This waist apron has many compartments that will offer a lot of help to any hairdresser out there. It features two big pouch pockets (on either side) and two small pockets in the middle which makes it perfect enough to hold all your hair tools. The waist belt is also adjustable and wide enough that it does not roll.

Rolling Salon Instrument Tray Trolley by Topeakmart

This tray trolley, which is made of a high-quality aluminum tray and iron frame, will help you minimize the bending to grab your styling tools. This is an excellent addition to hair salons since the casters are nice and it's easy to maneuver. Its versatile design and classic color make it even greater!

Shampoo Bowl Sink Unit Station by Polar Aurora

Every customer would love their salon experience since this station is excellent for all body shapes and sizes. Aside from an oversized shampoo bowl, this backwash set includes a reclining backrest, a chrome faucet and a comfortable gel neck rest for extra comfort. The sink is sturdy and stylish! It's very easy to clean too. 

Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors by Elfina

A hair salon can never be complete without a great pair of scissors! This set includes everything you need to give a haircut. The scissors are very sharp, and the texturizing shears are really handy for giving a layered look that a lot of girls want. You'll be very impressed with its cutting performance as you enjoy the fit, weight, and comfort. The set comes with one hair cutting shear and one thinning scissor. Aside from that, it also includes a piece of cleaning cloth and a grooming comb, and a couple of stainless steel hairpins. It also comes with a little case that zippers shut, so everything stays together.

Clipper Kit by Wahl

This is an all-inclusive hair-cutting kit that offers everything you need. Aside from a multi-cut clipper, it also includes a personal cordless trimmer with two heads and a cordless touch-up trimmer. You can change heads on the trimmer easily, and the clipper is powerful yet amazingly quiet. The thumb-adjustable taper control on the clipper is also a nice feature. 

If you're thinking of opening a hair salon, try doing a minimalistic one! Good luck!

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