Men’s Facial Care: Bring-out that Handsome Look of You

Men’s Facial Care: Bring-out that Handsome Look of You

By avatarRexC

Are you one of those suffering from acne affliction or whiteheads outgrowth around the nose? Or maybe sickened with that non-dwindling oil on your face? Then, I have here some products that worked for me which may also do to you. These are proven gentle to skin, effectively reduce blemishes and dermatologically tested and proven.

Most often, men are so passive about their skincare, others are just so focused on earning while some are too lazy to do regimens; others are also confident enough of their looks while some don't care about it, feeling just satisfied. While I am one of those who don't care at all, I don't have that numbers of bottles in my set. But with the presence of whiteheads around my nose, that nasty oil all over my face, and the ill-timed emergence of disgusting pimples, I needed to do something. 

I tried different kinds of soap. Looking for the perfect one that compatibly protects my skin. Then, my wife recommended Belo products for men since she is also an avid user of Belo stuff. So, I tried Belo Men Face Wash Oil Control. I gave myself at least three days for observation.

For the first 3 days, my pimples didn't reproduce.  I continued using it until they're all gone. With the satisfying results of this face wash, I recommended it to my pre-teen son. He has pimples all over his face and back. But now, his skin is slowly regenerating back to flaws-free young look.

I then decided to pair it with Belo Men Facial Cleanser Oil Control expecting to lessen those ghastly facial oils all over my face. These oils start to envelop on my face in just a couple hours after I took shower. It’s annoying! But when I started using it, those oils had gradually disappeared, replaced with the natural moisture of my skin. The result had made me live with it. Its cooling effect is such so relaxing before going to bed at night. 

The changes into our faces are visible. Me, my face has extra moisture that even at the busy times in the office, I no longer have that disgusting oily face. I feel smoothness in my skin that even to my next wash, no excessive oils have formed yet on my forehead and around my nose.

However, I got these tiny whiteheads on my nose sometimes. They're like flowers which bloom often times. So, during their season, I use to harvest them with a picking pole. Just kidding aside. I have these Watsons Men Nose Pore Strips. Just whenever I needed to, I use this. It's gentle to my skin but harsh to those tiny nasty heads. It also works on blackheads by the way if that is your case.

With these products, my mustache, goatee, and sideburns shaving have become smooth like never before since I no longer have those tiny humps to dodge with. Now, I am having fun with the foam of Gilette Foam Sensitive Skin.

Its thick foamy lather exerts that cooling effect as I shave those hairs off. It's easy to wash and not sticky slimy on the skin. Having it with Gilette Power Razor which has a 5-blade technology that distributes the shaving pressure wider and evenly making every shaving moment smooth to the skin.

These products have been effective to me, give it a try, who knows it will work the same for you.

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