Makeup Products from Beauty Bloggers that Asian Ladies Go Crazy For!

Makeup Products from Beauty Bloggers that Asian Ladies Go Crazy For!

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Even though makeup trends might be different from country to country, there are many international influencers that are on top of them all over the world. 

From South America to Southeast Asia, ladies follow the makeup recommendations of influencers such as Marlena Stell, Huda Kattan, Michelle Phan, Nikkie Tutorials, Carli Bybel, Lisa Eldridge, Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly.

These influencers are not just makeup experts, but real goddesses of the online world and they built influence experimenting directly with the brands, testing and reviewing thousands of new products. They earned the trust of ladies by the millions and they saved many of them from goofy mistakes with their smart tips.

We wanted to introduce to you 1 makeup product from each of these influencers. We tested personally each and everyone of them and we couldn’t agree more on their effectiveness.

The Kat Von D Lock it Foundation from Marlena Stell

The Queen of Foundations recommends this one as ”It blends really well and it lasts all day, it truly is a lock it down, if you're going from work to clubbing and need your foundation to last for 14 hours, this one will stick“

Our take - It lasts throughout the whole day and, thanks to its thickness, it helps to cover up open pores. If you have oily skin you might want to go easy on the layering to let your skin breath more freely. 

Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte palette from Huda Kattan

Here’s what Huda perfectly describes it: The textures are amazing, the shadows apply beautifully, the shades are gorgeous, and you can create so many looks. The only thing missing for me is some more orange tones, as it’s very pink – but it’s still to die for.”

Our take - Our team have been gleefully waiting for months to get our hands on this. We fell in love with the matte peachy finish and the range of light, mid tone and dark shades especially on our eyes. The great versatility of this palette allowed us to create countless looks, be it from smoky-eyed finishes like Huda Kattan herself to very simple finishes!

Our favorite point is how easy it is to blend. The powder is lightweight and doesn't feel cakey. Since I like a loose powder for setting and baking, I can see myself using much of this in future.

Kailijumei lipsticks from Michelle Phan

The Guru of lipsticks says that “As far as these gorgeous floral tubes go, the hype is unmatched (gah, they look beautiful). They’re one of the most illusive products on the web – every time Kailijumei lists it on their website, it sells out immediately.”

Our take - Encased in the clear lipsticks is a flower and gold specks, our team fell in love with it. After all, there are so many lipsticks without any distinctions. The color of the lipsticks starts to change from a dark pink to a magically bright pink the more you apply it on your lips. 

This leads to a very fun-experimentation sort of experience with every usage.  You do have to use lip balm before applying as it will dry out your lips if you apply it straight. 

Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty Powder Contour Highlights from NikkieTutorials

One of the top Contour highlights from the stunning Nikkie, as she says “I am definitely, positively obsessed with the highlight! I think it is so pretty and even wearing it on my collarbones or shoulders they are giving me a sexy radiant glow”

Our take - Released on August 14, Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty Powder Contour highlights left many fans seating on the edge of their social media lapping up any teasers. When it was finally released, our team managed to get one (Hurray!!!). For ladies with pink skin tones, this highlights makes their skin turn into ‘grey’ while for ladies with darker skin the colors blends well and creates a 3 dimensional contour look. 

Rodal Air Concealer Aspen from Carli Bybel

The wonderful Carli says: “I really do like how it looks on me, it covers up nicely.”

Our take - This concealer manages to hide dark spots and blemishes easily. Also, because it is waxed based, it holds long enough and just 1 simple touch will put you through the day even in the humid weather of Southeast Asia. 

Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara from Lisa Eldridge

Lisa says: “I keep this mascara in my kit as a lot of my A-list clients like it - I've used it for tons of red carpet events (can't risk any flaking or smudging in the heat!) and it always looks great.”

Our take - After testing it on the 3 of us, it lengthens and stays on quite well. It looks natural and feels really light even after double application. The only bad would be that you need a really good cleansing to remove it.

P.S. Not a single lash was harmed in the testing of this mascara :P

Pixi LipLift Max in Petal Ice from Caroline Hirons

Caroline says that “The perfect lip gloss” can be “used on its own or on top of pencils/lipsticks.”

Our Take - Within minutes of application, this pump is able to fill lines and moisturize the lips. It feels really comfortable and has a really nice scent.  

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30 from Ruth Crilly

Here’s what the diva of makeup says: “It is a really long lasting foundation, but with a very fresh, dewy finish!”

Our take - This foundation is best suited for oily or combination skin (which applies to most Asian in this humid weather). It is advisable to use a primer before applying it. That being said, it is relatively easy to apply and creates a very even finish, making it look like there is no makeup on the skin.

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