Luxurious chemical free haircare

Luxurious chemical free haircare

By avatarLuxeBeauty

Using organic haircare products is all the rage lately, so I decided to give it a try to see whether it made a difference to my hair's health. It was definitely worth the effort! Here's what I experienced and how you can try it out yourself:

The transition period

The first few weeks of using organic shampoos can be really difficult to handle. Your hair might feel extremely greasy and flaky and you start questioning why you switched. But trust me, stick with it, the condition of your hair in the transition period is a result of all the chemicals and silicones that coated your hair before. It will take about 4 weeks to settle into it's new, healthy state. So what products should you use if you're avoiding chemicals?


When you research chemical free haircare, you might come across many people suggesting that you use baking soda to wash your hair. Please avoid this method as it causes massive ph imbalances and destroys your hair over time. Instead, stick with all natural shampoos. My favourite is the Kerastase Aura Botanica Shampoo. There are no sulphates so it might not lather in the same way that your previous shampoos did, but stick with it, your hair will be soft and beautiful.


In my first few weeks, my hair was really oily so I decided not to use conditioner, instead I rinsed my hair with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. It really helps to remove any build up from your scalp. After my hair had settled into the new routine, I started using lightweight conditioners. My absolute favourite is the Oneka Cedar and Sage Conditioner. It is refreshing and works well to smooth out any frizz and adds moisture to your hair without weighing it down. The ingredients are all natural and the conditioner is silicone free so it won't coat your hair.

Hair Oils

What's the final verdict?

I have curly hair that tends to dry out easily, so I use an intensive mask or hair oil at least once a week to nourish my hair and repair any damage or split ends. My favourite hair oil, and one that I honestly feel is almost miraculous is the Briogeo Rosarco Oil. It is a blend of Rosehip, Argan and Coconut oil and leaves your hair shiny and nourished.

Try out some of these products if you're keen to switch your hair routine to something more natural and environmentally friendly, not to mention healthier for you too!

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