Lipogaine Big 5 Review: a Hair Loss Shampoo that Actually Works

Lipogaine Big 5 Review: a Hair Loss Shampoo that Actually Works

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Early hair loss is a common problem among men nowadays. It’s only natural for you to want to keep your hair when you’re not even 40 years old. A myriad of products claim to cure this ailment but surely they can’t all be that great? I’m sure you don’t have the time and money for trial and error. Thankfully, I came across one hair loss shampoo that yielded really good results so far. While it’s not magic in a bottle, it’s a great way to protect my hair and slow down the hair loss process.

While I don’t have a severe hair loss condition yet, I’d rather not wait until I get a clear bald spot on my head to take action. A year and a half ago I noticed that my hair was getting thinner in some areas and decided that it was way too early for me to suffer from this problem–I was only 26. I tried a couple of hair products but the results were underwhelming. That’s when I came across Lipogaine Big 5 and four months after I started using it, I can say there’s a noticeable improvement in my hair.

What is Lipogaine Big 5?

Lipogaine Big 5 is a hair-rejuvenating shampoo that supports hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy. It’s entirely made of natural ingredients, the most notable of which being:

· Biotin

· Caffeine

· Argan oil

· Castor oil

Lipogaine is safe for all hair types and colors, in addition to being usable by both men and women. It also doesn’t contain toxic substances like parabens, phthalates or sulfates. Note that by using it 2-3 times a week, one bottle can easily last you a month and even more. With all these features assembled in one product, it’s clear that Lipogaine Big 5 was made with a no-nonsense approach and the health of the buyer in mind.

For most people, balding starts at the sides of the hairline. After using Lipogaine I noticed that this area had regained the thickness it always had. Granted, it’s easier to get a good result when the hair loss process is still in its early stages, but it’s worth noting that the products I tried before made no difference.

How does Lipogaine Big 5 Combat Hair Loss?

In case you’re wondering about the science behind this shampoo, here’s the gist of it. Hair loss products help reduce and prevent balding by blocking DHT. What is DHT, you ask? Well, when it comes to hair loss, DHT is the biggest culprit.

DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone responsible for the development of biological male characteristics such as body hair, deeper voice and muscle growth. When it attaches itself to the receptor cells of hair follicles, DHT blocks the vitamins and minerals needed to nourish the hair. The follicles then shrink, causing the hair to become thinner and reproduce at a slower rate until it stops growing and falls.

Having used Lipogaine Big 5 for four months, I can say it provides the following benefits:

· It makes the hair thicker

· It slows down the hair loss process

· You lose less hair in the shower

Keep in mind that hair loss shampoos don’t cure hair loss permanently but rather help reduce it for a number of years that varies depending on the person. Ultimately, hair transplant remains the definitive solution to hair loss but you don’t have to resort to it right away. It’s an expensive and taxing measure that you should keep as a last resort when hair loss reaches a stage where products don’t make a big difference anymore. In the meantime, a tried-and-true hair loss shampoo is what you need and Lipogaine Big 5 fits the description.

How to Apply Lipogaine Big 5 to Your Hair

First, you start by wetting your hair thoroughly. Apply the shampoo, generously lather, rinse thoroughly. Apply the shampoo again and gently massage it into your hair and scalp for one minute. Leave it for 2 to 4 minutes before rinsing. That’s it! Be sure to follow these instructions closely to maximize the effect of Lipogaine.

Beyond the Product: a Satisfying Customer Experience

While purchasing Lipogaine for the first time, I made a mistake and chose the wrong product. I only realized this after a different product was delivered to my door. I reached out to the customer team and explained the situation. They were quick to respond and told me to resend the product and purchase the one I initially wanted. Naturally I had to cover the shipping fees, but the money spent to process the second purchase was quickly refunded to me. Having quickly fixed the issue, I can say the customer service was stellar, especially considering that I was at fault.

In Conclusion: Worth the Investment

There are a lot of products out there and you can easily end up overwhelmed and confused as to which one to choose. Having used many of them over the years, I can say with confidence that Lipogaine Big 5 packs the most value. Having said that, don’t set your expectations too high because no hair loss shampoo is a magical solution to this issue. But you will lose your hair at a much faster rate if you don’t use them.

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