Laundry Tips for an Easier Washing at Home

Laundry Tips for an Easier Washing at Home

By avatarjorizklenz

Whether we like it or not washing of clothes is essential even how tiring it is. Stubborn dirt and persistent stains make it even more tiring and it feels like time runs so slow. Gladly, mom taught me these helpful tips that will make doing laundry easier. 


1. Choose your Detergent

Since people have different skin types, the first thing to consider in choosing detergent is your skin. It is important, not just to protect your skin but also for more comfortable and easier laundry washing without even worrying about irritations.  

Followed by detergent powders that are powered by fabric conditioners because some clothes don’t smell good in plain detergent when dried indoors.

Ariel powered by Sunrise Fresh fabric conditioner is my detergent partner.

It’s no ordinary detergent; it gives my clothes all day lasting fresh morning scent even under the heat of the sun. As to my sister and mother, they are the fan of Ariel Floral Passion and Ariel Golden Bloom because the said detergents burst sweet floral fragrance that lasts even for days. 

These detergents are two times better stain remover with ultra-concentrated formula yet gentle on skin than the other leading brands. It doesn't even leave powder residues on clothes and in the washing machine. 

2. Pre-Treat Stains

It is good to pre-treat stains and dirt before putting clothes into the washing machine because removing is the most tiring part of laundering, so time and energy consuming. Thus, through pre-treating, it will help loosen up stubborn stains and persistent dirt.

For white clothes, I am using lemon scented Zonrox Bleach.

A multi-purpose bleach for home and laundry that is tough on dirt and stains but not on clothes. It is helpful in deodorizing my clothes and shortens cleaning time.

While for my colored clothes I am using Zonrox ColorSafe oxygen bleach.

It does not only fight stains but it also brightens colors and kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs and viruses.

3. Separate Colors from White

To protect my garments, separating colors from white is necessary because some clothes leave colors stains in water. Then, wash it separately or mix it with similar colored clothes to avoid color blending with other fabrics, and make sure that clothes are on the reverse side while washing and before hanging the garments to avoid fading. 

4. Customize your Own Scent

Downy Fabric Conditioner has a lot to offer. Downy Antibac and Downy Parfum Collections like Passion, Mystique, and Darling are our family’s choice. Each fabric conditioner has the irresistible floral fragrance that makes heads turn and makes you feel like you are wearing expensive perfume.

For me, this is the fun part of doing my laundry because I have the opportunity to customize my own scent. I can mix it with other conditioners to formulate a new one or use it as it is and select the scent of the week.

For my usual washing, I'm using Downy Antibac because even if my clothes are dried indoor, it never stinks. This is due to its antibacterial formula that fights odor-causing microorganisms. Also, I never get bothered if my laundry gets rained because it can’t wash away the conditioner or the fact that Downy penetrates deep into the fibers.

Now, with these products, I can truthfully say that my laundering becomes easier and fun. Indulge to discover, highly recommended.

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