Lather up! Choose only the best skincare for your baby

Lather up! Choose only the best skincare for your baby

By avatarhachiko

If you are worried on what will be the best skin care product for your baby, let me tell you that it totally normal. Babies skin are more sensitive than that of the adults, because of that they are more prone to skin irritations which requires extra-special care.

However, there are products on the market that is really designed for baby's delicate skin. These products helps keep their skin and hair clean, soft, and healthy. So if you are wondering on what will be the best product/s that would keep your baby clean without irritating their skin, just read on.

1. johnson baby shampoo

Johnson & Johnson has already made their name as one of the trusted brands for decades. Their shampoo has also been tested by professional dermatologists, and is proven tear-free, which means it won't irritate your baby's eyes during bath time.

Johnson products are designed to be soap free, preventing excessive dryness for your little one's delicate skin. Meanwhile, it is also proven to be gentle on skin, and scalp which is also hypoallergenic so that you can be sure that no adverse reaction can affect their sensitive skin.

2. baby dove

Dove is already trusted to be safe for babies, for years now. Indeed, their baby products has been recommended by pediatricians so you can feel safe using their products on your baby's delicate skin. They also offer travel kits packed with complete skin care perfect for your little one. Their kit provides you a chance to test out new brands before committing on using a bigger-sized product. 

Furthermore, their tip-to-toe wash is designed to be hypoallergenic and pH neutral thus, it is perfect baby's sensitive skin even for everyday use. Dove also made sure that their products are packed with complete skin nutrients to replace the moisture and nutrients that is commonly lost during bath time.

3. babyganics baby shampoo & wash

It is common for baby's shampoo to be less foamy, this is due to the low level of Surfactants that is responsible to make baby products gentler. However, babyganics found a way to preserve the lathering properties while gently cleansing your baby's skin.

Babyganics is made with natural ingredients which includes five essential oils from tomato, cranberry, sunflower, red raspberry, and black cumin. These ingredients are known to promote healthy skin development while also serving as an antioxidant.

4. aveeno baby wash & shampoo

One thing that I like with this product is that it is not only gentle on baby's skin but is also formulated for eczema prone skin. Indeed Aveeno has already been approved by the National Eczema Association, which gives mom's the confidence to use this product on their babies.

Furthermore, it is also formulated with natural oat extract, which replaces skin moisture and helps calm irritated skin. The oat extract content also helps soothe the inflamed, and painful skin of your baby which is commonly associated with eczema.

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