Laptop Picks: Small Laptop or No Smart Laptop?

Laptop Picks: Small Laptop or No Smart Laptop?

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Laptops, one of mankind’s greatest office related creations. Gone is the question ‘How can I bring my heavy computer from here to there?’ people asked back in the olden days, with the arrival of the laptop people now have a portable desktop they can bring with them to work, a relative’s house or wherever. Now, decades after the laptop was first introduced laptop designs and specs have only improved with the body getting sleeker and thinner and the hardware getting faster and better. An example of this is the small laptop, aka Mini Laptop, which was designed for students or office workers in mind that need a smaller and less back-breaking laptop, not to mention wallet-friendly.

Like with normal sized laptops you should keep in mind when perusing to buy a small laptop is first and foremost the price, unless you’re someone that can afford to splurge a good amount of money then best to stick with the cheaper ones.

Of course, there are a few things to consider before you even begin thinking of buying one.

First is the processor, small laptops often have a low-end processor which for the average high school student is enough but for the average college student taking animation or the like or someone working at an office you’d need a processor that has a bit more kick. Naturally, a processor with higher specs will cost more but will be better in the long run but if you think that you’ll only need it for a short while or that you’ll only use it for assignment and projects then a low-end processor will be more than enough for you. 

Second is battery life, self-explanatory, the longer the battery lasts the better.

The third is size, naturally, since you’re looking for a ‘small laptop’ size should stay small, it should be small enough to fit inside your bag or briefcase. 

And lastly, price, only buy a laptop that has a price tag you can agree with. As a student/employee, you will most probably be operating on limited funds or your parent’s wallet thus meaning you have to really think things through before buying a laptop, be it big or small. 

Now I have here a few small laptops that are taking into consideration if you ever do plan on buying one.

1. Acer Spin 1

First here on this list is the Spin 1 from Acer. Like a majority of small laptops the screen is bendable, the Spin 1 can bend all 360 degrees so you can bend it into a tent or into an 11.6” tablet. The Spin 1 is thin, compact and at 1.25 kg is light enough that you can easily bring it to work or school. For all you art students and/or people who just like drawing, in general, the Spin 1 also comes with a Stylus pen so that’s one less thing for you to buy if you felt like buying a Stylus.

The Spin 1 a fairly good Intel processor that can handle a bit of multitasking but don’t overdo it or you will encounter lag. The Spin 1 also has a fairly good battery life of 11 hours; this, however, depends on your settings so it varies really. And with its fairly reasonable 32Gb of storage, the Spin 1 can store all assignments or reports a student has.

2. ASUS Transformer Mini T103HAF 

Next up is the Asus Transformer Mini T103HAF, like the Spin 1 the T103HAF can be used in either laptop or tablet form BUT the T103HAF’s keyboard is detachable thus making it more portable, not to mention lighter which makes it a plus for students who need a light laptop. It also has a metal kickstand on the back that can angle up to 170° to give that small bit of comfort when working.

Performance wise you’re in good hands with the quad-core Intel Cherry Tail and the onboard 4GB of memory. The T103HAF also has a good storage capacity of 128GB giving you more than enough storage space for assignments, projects and a few programs that you might want/need to install. It can also last you a long while with its battery lasting you for up to 12 hours, also if you find yourself low on battery and your laptop charger is nowhere in sight you can charge your laptop via its micro USB port which is a big plus because you most likely use a micro USB to charge your phone.

3. Acer Switch 3

Another Acer laptop, unlike the first two this is a bit on the heavier side of things topping at 1.6kg thankfully though the keyboard is detachable so there’s that. With its Intel N4200 processor, it can easily handle whatever your studently self throws at it, except games, only light gaming with this one, like really light. It also utilizes a USB-C port making for faster file transfers from device to a laptop and vice versa and can also serve as a phone charger

Its battery life is lagging behind the first two with only about 8 or so hours of battery life, again this all depends on your settings.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X280

Now, this here small laptop is a bit of doozy, especially for your wallet so you better be prepared to really spend if you want this little beasty. The trade-off for the high price is high specs, which is very good for serious people studying/working in the field of 2D animation, video editing and the like. It is also fairly light at 2.96 pounds; it is also a bit thin making it compact and travel-friendly.

It has a very good processor which is leagues above the processors the first three laptops above have. With its 8th Generation i7 Intel core, 16GB of RAM and its 512GB SSD storage space it’s more than enough for a student to do everything they need to do and they can also install games on it if they wish to do so but if you do put in games don’t put in a graphics demanding game or you’ll suffer from lag. Battery-wise it could do better in its category but for a student, its 8-hour battery life is more than enough for them to accomplish what they need to do. It also has a 720p webcam so if you want to initiate a video call whoever you’re calling will see you in high resolution… provided you don’t have bad internet that is.

Now before we end this you are probably asking ‘Are small laptops or laptops in general, even worth spending on?’ Well, my answer to your question is a resolute yes. If you own a pc then you may think that ‘Why should I even bother buying a laptop if I already have a PC?’ but having a laptop offers you the advantage of working on the move.

For example, you and your family plan on going to a relative’s house but you have an assignment/report due for the day after you went to said relative’s house and you didn’t get to finish it before going to your relative and your relative doesn’t have a pc or laptop so in turn, you didn’t get to finish said report/assignment. But if you did have a laptop then you’d be able to go work on your assignment/report.

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