Is Your House Clean? Find Out Now!

Is Your House Clean? Find Out Now!

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So you're a neat freak. You love everything being spotless and squeaky clean.

You are 100% sure that there is not even one square inch of your home that could be dirty? Yes?

Wrong. Think again. I too thought that my home was super clean - until I came across some information about these general areas in homes.

1. The Bathroom

So I thought that since my bathrooms get cleaned every single day - that they were very clean.

What I Found Out:

Every part of a bathroom needs to be cleaned - at least once a week. These places include:

1. Toothbrush Holders

2. All Walls - Including the one behind the sink

3. Door Handles

4. Faucets

5. Light Switches

What You Can Do:

These problems are easily remedied. All you have to do is:

1. Wipe down all surfaces at least once a week

2. Clean the bathroom floors bi-weekly

3. Do a thorough cleaning of all parts of the bathroom once a month.

2. The Bedroom

A bedroom is where we rest, relax and unwind. Of course, the floors are cleaned often and the sheets are changed every week. But it is also a place that fosters a great living environment for a lot of bacteria!

What I Found Out:

These parts of a bedroom are actually much dirtier than you thought:

1. Duvets - Not just the covers

2. Mattresses

3. Pillows

4. Walls

5. Doorknobs

The bacteria here are the ones that end up causing allergies and lots of skin related problems!

What You Can Do:

1. Make sure that your sheets are washed and disinfected weekly

2. Use disinfectant wipes on doorknobs

3. Use a ceiling brush to give your walls a sweep too.

4. Make sure that your mattress and pillows are all covered with protectors

3. Living Room and Study

These areas are obvious - since lots of people come to hang out here - and so it just becomes dirtier.

You will have people coming over - walking around these rooms - and germs and bacteria are passed on from a surface to surface.

What I Found Out:

The places that are a part of these rooms - but that get very dirty are:

1. Remotes

2. Game controllers

3. Gaming consoles

4. Bookcases

5. Phones

6. Switches

7. Carpets and Rugs

8. Beneath Tables

What You Can Do:

1. Smaller items - like remotes - can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes once a week

2. Try to dust different parts of the room at least once a day

3. Make sure the carpet is cleaned twice a year

Much like the other areas - all you have to do is wipe these places down weekly with disinfectant wipes - and dust them regularly.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is where food is cooked - and vessels are washed.

It is a place that gets very dirty - but which we strive so hard to keep clean.

What I Found Out:

The places in the kitchen that are secretly very dirty are:

1. Faucets

2. Backsplash

3. The pipes

4. Back of the refrigerator

5. The Exhaust

6. Inside Drawers

7. The Trash Can

What You Can Do:

1. Once a month - Do a complete deep-cleaning of the kitchen

2. Daily - Wipe-downs

3. Weekly - Use a pipe cleaner

4. Wash the floors every day.

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