How To Save Your Hair After A Bad Painting

How To Save Your Hair After A Bad Painting

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Our hair is aggravated daily due to exposure to sun, wind and low temperatures. When choosing the hair dye, respectively, in which color we want to dye our hair, we need to be very careful, because after painting we do not have a shock, our hair does not look terrible.

A very good remedy to render hair shine are hair masks prepared in the house. They are very effective, very easy to prepare, and the ingredients we need are very cheap. I will present you a recipe, which I was recommended to you by a person when I encountered this problem with incorrectly painted hair and I was pleased with.

It is a very rich recipe for vitamins. It adapts very well for any type of hair. This hair mask stimulates hair growth and strengthens it. After using this hair mask, the hair will retain its brilliance. 

I recommend it to people who have problems with their hair, such as the hair has no luster, it is fragile and grows very hard. This is a very fragile hair mask. I recommend you to use it twice a week for 3 months, depending on how bad your hair is.

You need the following ingredients:

- One tablespoon of aloe vera

- 1 tablespoon of moisturizing hair conditioner based on milk or honey

- 1 vial of vitamin B1

- 1 vial of vitamin B12

- 1 vial of vitamin B6

How to prepare. Add all the ingredients in a bowl, and mix until the homogenization of the composition.

Advice. Before you start applying the mask prepared on your hair, test the composition on the skin to make sure you are not allergic. If the place where you applied this composition is not irritated, then you can apply the mask to your hair.

How to apply. Hair should be very well combed before applying the hair mask. The hair should be well washed and naturally dried before applying this hair mask. After applying all the hair composition, you must cover your head with some cotton fabric.

Do not use the food foil!

Let the mask act for about 30 minutes, then wash with warm water. Let the hair dry naturally. If you are confronted with a very long hair, then you need to double the number of ingredients.

I recommend you to use this natural hair treatment, which is very rich in vitamins if when you comb your hair, a lot of hair remains in your comb. Then you definitely need to take action to strengthen your hair structure. Hair growth is very well stimulated by these natural products, rich in vitamins.

Tips. Avoid going to bed with wet hair, because it can break easily during sleep.

It matters a lot about how you comb your hair. If, when you comb your hair, it is very dry, choose to use a hairbrush and put all your hair to your face at the time of brushing.

Hair balm has a very important role. Use hair conditioner after each hair wash, to nourish hair. Apply hair conditioner only on the length of hair, not on the scalp.

A beautiful and healthy hair depends very much on a nutrition rich in vitamins and a balanced life. If the hair becomes fragile, dry and breaks very quickly, it is certainly the lack of vitamins. 

To regain the living structure of your hair, feed yourself properly and use the right cosmetics according to your type of hair, and you will have a healthy, shiny hair.

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