How to Raise a Study Loving Child

How to Raise a Study Loving Child

By avatarRexC

Here are strategies in encouraging your child to study and make it a habit.

1. Make a daily routine. Studying must be a daily habit. However, you cannot force your child to study every day unless you started training him as early as his younger age. So, motivate your child early. Not flaunting though but my son has been good at studying. We don't even have to convince him to study for he already has the willingness and knows his schedule. We introduced him to study proper at age 2 by then.

2. Have a 20-30 min interval. Studying isn't a punishment they are to suffer. It should be a fun learning they would be motivated to. A 20-30 minute study time after intervals will be enough for them to learn and keep on focus. Don't let them sit for long facing to study paraphernalia to avoid mood changing to boredom, tiresome, and the like.

3. Tell them about the future. Inspire them with the possibilities of abundant life, successful career, travel enjoyment and all the perks when he gets a good education. Also, tell them consequences when they don't. Try to impart real-life examples of both consequences. 

4. Set a good example. I have observed that my son is into studying and even sometimes mess up with me in using the computer saying ''I'm doing my assignment papa '' and sometimes says not to disturb him. So, I thought of it as a good start when he has the idea of how important studying is and to that focus must be taken. Comparably, seeing those kids who weren’t taught or used into studying, when they start to go to school, studying is one task the parent is having a hard time to do for apart from they weren’t taught and used into it, they aren't seeing any member from the family doing so. A simple reading you do can influence them.

5. Choose his friends. Sometimes, being strict can be good but learn your stringent. Not so tight daddies and mommies but make your own strategy to bring your child closer to those who can influence them positively. Life with negative vibes is no good, so, better choose the right ones who can bring positivity and goodness. Sometimes, having them study together can be a good start of training too. 

6. Don't force your child. Let your child learn by passion and not by fear for this can be ineffective in leading the right way. They can probably be rebellious at some point but you must know this. You must know if your child has that thought of being such or if your child is goodly kind to follow you instead. However, even when he follows, forcing him brings no good at all for he may feel no freedom and that you take control of everything. Make your strategies to detour his current interest into studying until he became used into it.

7. Give a reward. Sometimes, this is very effective but I don't suggest it all the time. Maybe sometimes it is good but there should be times when there is none so your child won't grow up with expectations of return for every good deed. 

8. Explain hard topics and have fun. These are what mostly discourage them to study when they stumble to topics that they are having difficulties with. This is now your turn to make things easier for him. Strategize to explain it in a layman's term and exemplify to the simplest he could understand it. Relate to real life, to his experiences or to his passion if possible.

9. Encourage educational videos. Nowadays, I don't think there are still some who don't, so, encourage them to watch videos from where they can learn instead.

10. Constant study area. This, I must say is one effective way to train them. If I tell my son to study in a while, he will then go to our usual place. As such, he can prepare his nerves to study and gets comfortable all throughout. It would also lessen the difficulties of encouraging him to stop with what he is doing for a few minutes.

11. Enroll in advance programs. If you don't have time to bear these with your child, enroll them in an advanced program. Don't compromise your child's learning with your businesses in life. Remember that you are given a gift of another life to nurture for a lifetime.

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