How to make a perfect salad using these 5 easy tricks

How to make a perfect salad using these 5 easy tricks

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Are you a big fun of eating salads? Well, satisfy your craving with this helpful tricks that would allow you to make the best homemade salad you ever tasted!

Follow these 5 tricks into your salad-making routine, and I promise, you'll create better homemade salads in no time.

wash and dry the leaves thouroughly

Most people just wash the lettuce under the sink, however, to really get all the dirt out, you need to dunk the lettuce in a bowl full of water and massage the grime out. Then, you can use a salad spinner to completely dry the leaves, or else the salad dressing won't stick to them, resulting in a watery, bland salad. 

salt the dressing

Most people neglect this step, but that's why restaurant salads taste so good — chefs often salt their dressings. Take it a step further and use a flavoured salt.

use varying textures 

To make your salad more interesting, you need to choose toppings that have contrasting textures like crunchy nuts, creamy cheeses, chewy dried fruit, etc. 

create balanced flavours

A delicious salad should have salty, sweet, acidic, and bitter flavours from the meat, fruit, vinaigrette, and greens. Here, you may utilize as many flavour profiles as possible. For example, a slaw salad that has salty cashews, sweet mango, acidic vinaigrette, and spicy peppers.

toast the nuts

Nuts are often used as a salad topping. However, only a few people toast their almonds, cashews, or walnuts. Indeed, toasting the nuts instantly boost their flavour and crunchy texture

Meanwhile, remember to cool them first to room temperature before tossing them in your prepared salad.

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