How to grow hair faster and healthier - 1 inch in a WEEK

How to grow hair faster and healthier - 1 inch in a WEEK

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Hair grows about half an inch on average in one month but the growth can easily be tripled with conviction, dedication and a few tricks. Whether you are genetically challenged with lesser strands of hair, have a habit of using styling tools on frequent basis or can’t alter diet for healthy growth, give a read to these shortcuts.  

You can actually grow your hair one inch a week by using best home remedies and trying different hair products but how fast does hair grow normally? Growth of hair at an average is about 1.25cm or 0.5 inch per month and depends on two factors: 

  • Shape and condition of your hair follicles 
  • Genetics 

An unhealthy diet and over usage of styling tools can lead to hair breakages, split ends and shorter length of hair. Each hair grows from one follicle where one scalp has around 90,000 to 150,000 follicles depending on genetic makeup.  


The Inversion Method: 

YouTube Vloggers and beauty bloggers swear by Inversion method as they are raving about it for years. Start the process by measuring your hair length for conclusive results. Each day of the week, tip or bend your head over slightly and massage your scalp with your fingertips for about five minutes.   

This method ensures sufficient blood flow to your scalp to stimulate the hair follicles resulting in faster growth. You can boost the speed by using oil to massage your scalp. For this, try out natural oils such as extra virgin olive and coconut oil. You can also use wire scalp massager to assist with massaging.

Incorporate more Biotin-rich foods to help hair growth 

Biotin or Vitamin H facilitate the building blocks of proteins and is required sufficiently by hair. Some of the foods included in this diet are  

  • Milk and Cheese 
  • Salmon and Sardines 
  • Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts and Almonds 
  • Liver  
  • Eggs 
  • Avocado 

Cut out the heat  

Pamper your hair by giving them a break from heating tools especially during Inversion Method. Similary, hot water showers can strip the hair of natural moisture weakening the hair strands making it more susceptible to breakage. Losing the heat will result in drastically improvement in hair condition.

If you have to style hair, hair, blow dry your hair until they are 60% dry on low setting and using a protective hair serum afterward. Similarly, do not rinse your hair with hot water, lukewarm water is best for opening pores for effectively cleaning of scalp from oil, grease and dirt. To reduce hair loss and seal the moisture between pores, rinse your hair with cold water.   

Ironically, scissors are your best companion 

Consistent hair trims result in preventing the splits from working their way up the strands. It ensures healthy hair which leads to hair actually growing faster. Get regular trims every 12 weeks by chopping off less than an inch.  

Shampoo less often, condition every time you shower 

If your hair is wet, always use conditioner as it helps to replace the proteins and lipids inside the hair shaft. Conditioning will seal the cuticle to stop any damage to hair so that you can get your hair to grow healthier, shinier and longer. For best results, I'll suggest using the plump-it-up nutrient rich Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo which is infused with ProVitamin B7 biotin and collagen. Just after one use, you can feel your hair feeling fuller and thicker. 

Treat your hair with an oil massage weekly 

Apply moisture-based oils and masks or a natural oil treatment onto hair roots and shafts for effective results. Since oil can leave a residue on hair, apply the oil on damp hair, leave the mask on for half an hour before you shampoo and condition. You can also choose an overnight oil treatment.  

Always remember! the healthier the hair, the longer and faster it will grow. 

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