How to Get Bigger Biceps Than Ash From Evil Dead

How to Get Bigger Biceps Than Ash From Evil Dead

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You'd have to have some pretty big guns to have a chainsaw strapped as your hand. Such is the case for one Ash Williams of the Evil Dead film series and the Ash Vs. Evil Dead television series. He's a bad-ass, clearly, in knowing how to get bigger biceps than any weight lifter. If you go around with a shotgun blowing demons away all the live long day, you're doing something right in terms of your fitness level. Ash is no exception to this. Sure, he may be a little looney (we all would be if we were subject to everything from a blood-spitting demon dog or time-traveling to the medieval ages battling zombies -- guy can't seem to catch a break), but to go the distance he has gone says something about the kind of model you should follow --

Of course, that and the homage knowing that his legacy will now end without fAIL!

That's right: Ash Williams will be no more. After FX's cancellation of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, it was a sad time. But rest assured, zombie/demon hunters -- his legacy wil not be forgotten as we all aspire to be like Ash with the big guns (both physical and machine) along with that chainsaw. This is a celebration of the man, the myth, the legend, the hail to the King, baby.

And just in case there are no demons where you live, no chance for you to graft any rotating buzz-saw machine onto your arm, and no chance to fight for your survival, Ash understands -- because there is a way to boost those bi's. And you shouldn't succumb to the stereotypical muscle-head stigma that says the "biceps aren't all there is."

Take note from experts: training those muscles is, in fact, a must. For so much more than just physiological health.

From the beginning of history, it's been pretty clear what the signifiers are for what constitutes buffness -- biceps. No one asks you to flex your calves, after all! They ask you to pop off those guns! That's why many men do ask over and over again about how to get bigger biceps; because at the heart of it all, it's a self-esteem factor.

Even in professional bodybuilding, biceps are one of the key factors to excellent performance. Arnold Schwarzennegger, of course, was known for those massive pythons. The same went for Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman.

You'd be shocked to know, though, that the bicep isn't just that big bulge on your arm proving that you can lift a few hundred bricks with just a hand. We'll get to that in a little bit. For the time being, take one look at Ash and ask yourself.... "How groovy are you with the guns?" Fair question.

What are the best bicep exercises, you ask?

This is where we get scientific -- even more scientific than the Necronomicon. Ash didn't need any help working those tendons having to carry around that rusty chainsaw, but that should lend some of the tips to you -- it's about repetition, and consistency. Without it, you're not doing much for your muscles at all.

The best exercises on how to get bigger biceps include what are known as mass builders. They build all of your arms -- even the forearms. After all, those biceps are connected to all those other muscles: your triceps, your forearms, your shoulders. All of it. If you're neglecting any of those, it won't matter just how big those biceps get (they'll look really bizarre -- let's just put it that way).

The mass builders include:

The Basic Barbell Curl

Many would recognize this simple exercise. What many don't realize is that oftentimes people will complete the exercise all wrong. Now don't mistake what I'm saying here: Ash himself would do a lot of pulling up with a chainsaw or gun and do it wrong a million times and not realize it, but it is a numbers game -- at least 10% of the time, the guy gets it right, and that's all that matters. Remember: it's about repetition and consistency.

Now you can do the biceps curl standing or sitting. It doesn't matter. You can also curl with both arms together, or alternate. What you have to do is a complete dead pull with the logical movement of your muscle. This means no "leaning back" and using your shoulder as leverage. The pull has to be completely dead (like zombies Ash would destroy) from the bottom up with the right motion -- typically a half-circle.

Lift as fast up as possible, hold, and then sloooooowwwly lower down. The range of motion optimizes the amount of strain and pain in that portion of your arm (it will hurt like Hell), but it's well worth it. You maximize the destruction enough for your body to repair it by making your bicep bigger. That's how to get bigger biceps.


What's the difference between a preacher curl and a regular curl? Simply put, you're on a decline with a bench elevated, so your arm rests at a 45-degree angle going downward. You're using gravity more to your advantage by focusing on what is called the peak to the lower portion of the muscle, the part that's closer to your forearm. Regular curls tend to emphasize that part of the muscle closest to your shoulder. Remember: focus on the entire arm

There's Also the Opposite: THE INCLINE DUMBBELL CURL

Instead of facing downward, you're actually sitting upward and letting gravity go the other direction. You're also leaning back on a preacher bench, which allows for more full range of motion. Why is this a good thing? It's balanced. It's also very difficult to maintain great form working biceps like this given the full range of motion, so most likely you'll be using lighter weights.

But Then There Are Also HAMMER CURLS

A lot of weight lifters don't even know about these (although some probably do it and don't even realize it). In fact, the hammer curl happens to be the only bicep exercise listed here that's not even a true bicep exercise. The hammer curl works what is known as the brachialis, which is one of the flexors of the elbow. It runs alongside the upper arm, comprising much of what you would call the lower bicep, although it's technically not even part of the muscle.

Why is this so different? Simply put, you're holding your arms down, palms facing each other, and you're dead lifting weights without facing your palms toward your face. The angle actually focuses on that specific muscle -- and not the actual bicep -- and the clear takeaway is more definition around that bicep, which makes the muscle appear larger.

Ash, of course, would simply tell you to repeatedly swing that chainsaw around, and you'd be good to go

That may be true. A good understanding of how your arm actually works does help quite a bit. It's an amazing fact that your bicep's made of two heads -- the short "head" and the long "head." Both encompass the upper arm, the elbow flexion, the supination, and shoulder/transverse flexion.

We know it sounds like jargon you'd pronounce with the Necronomicon to cancel a spell awakening the dead; but all in all, you just have to understand that we're talking about a muscle connected to at least two different parts of your arm. Hence why it's important to ensure you've worked this portion of your arm well.

Think of it this way, though -- if you can complete these exercises consistently, effectively, and efficiently, and you see those results, there's no question.... You'll be just as big and bad-ass as Ash himself! Groovy.

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