How to clean your makeup brushes?

How to clean your makeup brushes?

By avatarKimkph

If you’re a person that uses makeup on a daily basis you must know that part of a great look is using clean brushes, but we don’t always have the time to do it just because we tend to forget or we think we don’t need to, so in this article I explain a cheap and quick way to clean your brushes. 

They are plenty products we can use to clean our brushes, but that also depends on the amount you are willing to spend in this type of product, in my case I tend to choose a gentle shampoo or baby shampoo just because those are the ones I tend to always have and they work perfectly. 

Using a gentle shampoo will help you save money, you just have to make sure its one that works, if you have any extra money you can also buy any a cleanser like the Sephora Detox: Deep-Cleaning Brush Shampoo. 

What you will need:

- A small towel or a cloth  

- Shallow bowl 

- Gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo 

- Lukewarm water  


Tip: Is better if you do this by the sink it will make the process easier and you will save much time. 

1. First, you will need to rinse your brushes with lukewarm water, make sure you only wet the tip of the brushes and always keep away the head of them from the water because the constant contact can weaken the glue with time, causing them to last less or even break. 

2. Mix in the bowl the water with a small amount of shampoo, you can change the water as much as needed but I usually just change it once. 

3. Rinse the brushes one by one in the bowl and then rinse again under de running water, you will have to repeat this process as many time as necessary until you see the water runs clear out of the brushes.

4. Gently reshape each brush, dry it and place it on top of the towel for them to dry. Make sure you reshape them otherwise they might start losing their shape. 

A nice thing to know is that while you cleaning them you can use the palm of your hand like you are painting or using the brushes, this will help clean any residues during the rinsing process. 

Is important to do this at least once a week, the frequency may change according to the how much makeup you use during the week

For the least you must do it once a month, the accumulation of makeup in the brushes can cause acne, cloth the pores and it can make you have an uneven look and the whole point of using the brushes is to achieve the perfection of your look not to ruin it. 

Cleaning the brushes will not take much time, and you can do it before you sleep or at any free moment you find. What you must be aware is that they can take long drying so make sure you clean them a day you won’t need them or after you finish your look of the day.

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