How to Build Your Own Home Studio Under A Tight Budget

How to Build Your Own Home Studio Under A Tight Budget

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Today, lots of people are earning online and I must say, I love the idea of making money online doing what you love. I am sure most of us spend hours on YouTube. A few months ago, I came across a video and I felt like, damn I have already thought this idea in my head and wanted to make a video on that. It was definitely my budget that restricts me to make videos as I don't have a studio. So guess what? I built my own home studio myself. I hardly spent $100 to make the complete studio and today, I will discuss those 3 elements I used to make the studio.

3 Elements you need to make a home studio:

Colorful backdrops:

Most of the time we hesitate to make a video because of the backgrounds. When I thought to make a video for the first time I was like, my home is just not as pretty as theirs. I stopped thinking about it until I realized we just need one wall to make a video and we can decorate it as we like. I grabbed some colorful paper rolls online. Most of them are pastel colors and I just tapped it on my wall. I keep on changing the colors whenever I make a new video. If you are obsessed with glitters, you can pick some glitter paper or fabric online and offline. Glitter fabrics are also very cheap and it will definitely come under your budget.

Indoor lights:

The next thing comes while making a home studio is lights. People hardly click on a video that has low lights. So, how can you enlighten your indoor studio? The most common and very effective way to get proper light is to find out the right window. Natural lights work excellent on camera. Window lights are just not harsh sunlight, it works as the mild, perfect light. 

Another way to get lightings done for your home studio is, there are many cheap indoor lights and reflectors available online. You can grab one or two if you don't have the perfect window at your home. Hang on, you can also make your own DIY indoor studio lights. When you make a DIY light, you can cut your budget at the half. 

Indoor Studio Microphone:

Now as you have made your video looks beautiful, you definitely don't want it with no sound or extremely noisy sound. That's where I am gonna talk about the best budget microphone you should buy for your indoor studio. 

Generic 3.5MM Clip On Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone:

I have bought this at a very cheap price and in comparison to its cost, this microphone gives the excellent outcome. It cancels all the background noises and gives a quality of voice. I definitely suggest this microphone for beginner YouTubers. This microphone is compatible with both android and ios devices. With a collar pin, you can make a video without any imbalance of the microphone.

Do you still think making videos is expensive and needs lots of efforts? The whole set up will not take longer than one hour if you have the items. From now, spend time on uploading your videos rather than thinking that you can't.

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