How to Build A Lasting Brand According to these Household Names

How to Build A Lasting Brand According to these Household Names

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There are brands that we are no longer surprised to see on supermarket shelves. They have become part of our grocery trips since childhood. But now that you are thinking of putting up a little shop yourself, you wonder how big brands are so sticky and still account for much of the sales in your area.

Check out what these 4 global brands can teach you about creating a name that lasts.

Tell your story

Vaseline is 140 years old. It’s older than your grandma. And its ability to stay on the minds of consumers does not only rely on a great product -- one that “safely heals skin”. It also leans on the strength of the story it tells. The name itself is said to be derived from the combination of wasser and oleon, the German words for water and oil, respectively. And there is the rich history of the young scientist who perfected the extraction and purification process of petroleum so it can be applied on wounds and dry skin and so on. 

Tackle real or felt issues

“It won’t let you down.” It’s a statement that you’ve probably become familiar with thanks to countless commercials. Women do not just have nice-smelling armpits in these ads. They also have confidence to tackle sports or relationships or social situations that call for courage. We can say that Rexona targets three main markets: women, men, and teenage girls. However, the first one remains the largest. And it is no wonder that the brand has chosen to go the women empowerment route. Sure, body odor can be a problem. But it does not end there. It wants women to be unstoppable in pursuing their passion.

Think innovation

Colgate is another global brand that has become a household name. In India, it continues to be on top of the most trusted brands list. It has captured a third of China’s market. What magic formula is in its every tube? It turns out it is not even just about one product or one packaging. It is about how it consistently innovates its products. In India, it created the gel type after rival Close-Up changed the feel of toothpaste, which appealed to the young ones. Even if it only trails Close-Up in this segment, Colgate remains the leader in sales in said country. In China, it switched from aluminum to plastic to appeal to the Chinese’s preference for less frivolous packaging. These are just two examples of Colgate’s innovative streak.

Take your time to position yourself

Eskinol is a facial cleanser brand that Unilever created specifically for Filipina skin. It has created a line of products that solves pimples, excess oil, dirt, and other skin problems. It had been helping generations of women care for their faces, even before toners came to be. And we believe it is to safe to say that it is here to stay. A pioneer in the deep cleanser segment, Eskinol proves that brand positioning takes time. But if you keep going, and not give up, you may end up getting the reward of being at the top. 

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