Have you ever heard of the Paradox of Choice?

Have you ever heard of the Paradox of Choice?

By avatarkristene

Have you ever heard of the "paradox of choice?"

Have you ever told yourself that you have too many clothes but don't have anything to wear? I did.

I used to get mad about having a difficult time finding the best clothes to wear even if my closet is full of clothes.

Each morning, I would open my closet and stare at all my clothes for a long time. I try some outfits but can't find the perfect one. I try on a dress and take it off. I try on another dress and take it off again. Then I would tell myself, "I need new clothes!"

It used to be my everyday life. It was an endless cycle of stress.

I read about the "Panic buying" syndrome over the internet and it goes like this:

A closet full of clothes will result in too many choices. This is the paradox of choice. You will then tell yourself that you don't have any clothes to wear. So you go and buy more clothes. So you will end up having a closet full of more clothes, again and again. It's just an unending cycle that won't seem to end if you do not make the right action plan.

The Paradox of Choice teaches that when you have more options, you will have more difficulty choosing. I didn't understand this at first. But then I looked at it this way: Imagine you are in an ice cream shop and there are 20 different flavors to choose from. Oh boy, that would be so hard! It would take forever before I choose the perfect flavor that I want. Sadly, that is exactly the paradox of choice.

Buying more and more clothes, or more and more things will just make the situation even worse. So don't buy into this lie! You have enough. If you have the basic pieces to wear in each season, YOU HAVE ENOUGH.

Whenever I share this with other people, one of their excuses is the lack of outfits to wear. They think they would have to repeat the same clothes over and over. This is true in some way. But I also remind them that they can always style up their clothes. Finding the perfect accessories or shoes is key. Mix and match your clothes so it won't look like you are repeating the same pieces again and again.

Here are some tips:

1. Choose clothes that come in solid and neutral hues.

White, black, and nude are your best friends. Stay away from funky patterns and bright colors. It is much easier to get away with wearing the same pieces of clothes if you have plain ones. 

2. Choose clothes that are simple but elegant.

It doesn’t mean you should look plain and boring. The little black dress and the plain white shirt is what I'm talking about.

Here are my ideal pieces: 1 Formal Jacket/Blazer, 1 Casual Jacket/Sweater, 3 Pants (with different shades and fabrics), 3 Shirts, 2 Casual Dresses, a single pair of flats, a single pair of boots, a single pair of sneakers.

When it comes to shopping, always invest in quality and not in quantity.

And girls, do not forget accessories. Accessories such as pieces of jewelry, sunglasses, and bags will do the trick! They will add a nice touch to your outfit so other people won't be able to notice that you are wearing the same shirt every week. XX

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