[Hands-On Review] Beats Studio 3.0 Wireless

[Hands-On Review] Beats Studio 3.0 Wireless

By avatarSuadao

After a long day whether from studies or full stack of work, you would probably want to shutdown and give some times for yourself. Most of the people may wanted to have a nice meal, browse some games, or even workout. But guess what! I love listening to music, because you can enjoyed during your travel or even in your job. 

I'm sharing my experiences after testing headphones out there in the market; Bose Quiet Comfort 35, Sony MDR-1000X, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. 

First Impression

First of all, I'm not an audiophile where all the sound quality alone is the cream of the crop. I need functions that other company has yet to introduce and perks of course. As some may had heard of, Beats was known for it's brand as a overprices-marketing product. But after apple has acquire beats, changes has been made. First is the W1 chip that has been add to the new beats 3 solo, Airpods, and all beats related product. The W1 Chip make it easier for Iphone-users to pair with the headphones. Turning the Beats studio on and there will be a popup screen on your Iphone asking to connect it. Frankly speaking, the Bluetooth is still able to connect with android devices, but easier and faster for apple users. 

The design was the exact replica with the previous version Studio 2.0, although it looks similar but the internal has been change entirely. The plastic gives you a solid-build on the hand and the ear cushion feels very comfortable. I recommend for that don't use this in i.e Thailand, the headphones is gonna make your ears sweat. The location of the input and function is a slight differences with the 3.0 version. The Right side has a charging socket, which it still use the android-cable (I was expecting the lighting charge or the USB 3.0 one), while other side is a typical audio jack. The headphone itself has a built-in button (on the left) where you can increase/decrease the volume, play/pause/skip the tracks, hold to access siri, and initiate/receive calls. 

Other perks that I like to mentioned is the Pure-ANC and the battery-life. Beats claim that their flagship headphone has a edge when it comes to Noise-Canceling, call the pure-adaptive noise canceling (Pure-ANC) headphones. Turning this function requires you to double tap the power button on bottom-right of your headphones and will signal a recognizable  off/on sound. I tried this function both on quiet environment and dizzily crowd places, and apparently, it works very well. you will hear the differences of the environment getting cut-off (Not 100%), you can still hear an ambulance, or a slight announcement on your subway home when you turn the Noise-canceling on without the music. Playing the tracks disable (I would say, 90-95%) the surrounding noises. While enabling ANC-On, the battery last a solid 21 and a half hours, disabling Noise-canceling would give you a rocking 40 hours. I'm even more amazed when I actually charge it, it takes 5 minutes and bloom 3 hours ready to go.

Sound Quality

Compared to the previous version, Beats solo 2, Mixr, Studio 2, from my perspective,  they toned down the Iconic heavy-bass. Its not completely gone, you will still enjoy a legitimate bass, but you will hear a clear cleaner low,mids, and high. While it's rival Sony-MDR-1000x produce better sound if your genre is classical and modern music, and Bose QC35 is more Flat. So in order to buy one headphones, you should pick depending on the genre of music your listening to.

This is my First review and post in Superble, I may have left part out. Please feel free to comment and ask any question you are wondering about :) 

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