The Best Soccer Shoes of 2018!

The Best Soccer Shoes of 2018!

By avataranirudh

We are just a few months away from the most spectacular sporting event in the world; the Soccer World Cup. It's time you purchased the best soccer shoes available on the market and I'm here to help you with that decision. I've been playing soccer for decades and have bought my fair share of soccer shoes. To put it analogically, shoes to a player is like a sword to a warrior! Yes! It’s amazing to discover how much it adds to your game.

They aren’t regular sports footwear but ergonomically designed to meet the game’s requirements of kicking, combating, sliding and slipping. Great Soccer shoes give you the desired grip, motion, and strength. Traction, superior support, comfort, and ergonomic motion are definitive factors you should consider while purchasing soccer shoes.

With countless playing styles, preferences, and conditions it’s challenging to pick one absolute pair. Scroll down to look at a snapshot of the some of the best Soccer Shoes worth considering this year:

Nike Tiempo Legend 7

Nike has released an engineering marvel. The Tiempo Legend 7 is probably the best soccer shoe on the market. This lightweight, future design, classy, and aesthetically pleasing Legend 7 is too good to miss. Offered in variants suited for hard and soft grounds; its synthetic sole gives you the desired stance. The hyper-stability frame comes across as a smart buy for any budding footballer and in-budget pricing makes it a double deal. This is our number one pick on the list of best soccer shoes.

Adidas Messi 16.3 FG 

The name says it all! It is built strategically to obtain mastery and be on the top of your game. Closely snuggling your feet, the design speaks volumes of the functionality. Providing you with strong traction and enhanced pace; Messi shoes lets you glide smoothly. The frame is exposed and is built to give a close feel for better and controlled movements. Available in bold colors like red, black and green, it is a fashion forward pick!

Puma evoPower Vigor

Keeping power and accuracy as the design benchmark, Puma brings a massive overhaul in this series. It is a dramatic transition in the series and a bold move for Puma. It keeps the ability to kick on top of its preferences and gives accuracy with comfort.  It still continues with the AccuFoam technology and gives an all-rounder boot to cleat lovers. 

Adidas Turbocharge 

An ergonomically design cleat to give you an advanced level of performance by locking the foot in place and adjusting to foot movements. With the popular BOOST sole, you can be sure of unrivaled energy all through the game. With an overall complex built, this pair blends loads of features and targets professionals. This evergreen pair will always be included in the Best Soccer Shoes list of professional players.

Dream Pairs Lace up 

A complete value for money choice, this pair is quite generic and can suit many. Providing enhanced grip and control on damp as well as dry field, these lace-up shoes have an envious design. The soft upper material, snugly fit, fold-over tongue along with lightweight design gives optimized comfort for 360-degree motion

Lotto Zhero Gravity

Introduced in 2016, the Zhero Gravity cleat is a preferred option for budget buyers. Unlike the more popular and expensive brands, Lotto gives you a hoard of exciting features within your financial budget.  Designed with Puntoflex technology, it combats the impact of the ball offering you better safety. The EVA midsole and synthetic upper gives you superior balance and control. Unlike a full rubber sole, Lotto’s ultra light nylon sole helps in reduction of weight lag. Aesthetically catchy and distinct pattern coupled with decent functionality makes Zhero a good buy. 

Nike Mercurial Victory 

Targeted for players on firm grounds, the mercurial series has a peculiar anatomy. Snug fit with lace-up closure gives you a firm hold and better control while playing. They have a narrow built and come with a high-performance sole. The upper is soft and flexible to provide a better range of movement. The catchy design and glove-like high ankle model make it a distinct choice. 

Puma Future 18.1 Netfit

Aimed at giving a completely new standard to fitting soccer shoes, this design gives a superior lace system. Players can define their own fit and get superior comfort. Intriguing design and Puma’s edgy color schemes put together with high-end designing, this set offers you some great performance. The key feature is the Netfit lacing System is the unique selling proposition for it can give you enhanced tension in the desired area. 


Whether or not you’re a player, great soccer shoes can be a good thing to bring home. With an overload of products online and in shops, making choice is a challenging task. A crispy and information-packed guide can let you zero in on the best pair. 

Looking like regular shoes at the first instance, soccer shoes incorporate additional features to suit player’s requirements. You’ll be surprised to know that your regular shoe size may not be appropriate here as a tighter fit is preferred. Made of relatively thinner material, they let you get a better feel for the ball. They should snugly fit your foot without any pressure. Before you make up your mind in deciding your companion for the next league, have a quick read on things you should be thinking about. 


Essentially, soccer shoes are required to be lightweight and also give you forming to the football. Traditional Kangaroo leather gives you the dual advantage but isn’t waterproof. One can opt for synthetic leather that is easy to maintain but gets a few points less on the feel of the ball. Players who prefer something lighter, durable and resistant to water; the synthetic material is the apt choice. For players who view the feel of the ball as integral to performance prefer the K-leather. You may also find upper mesh material that is durable and easy to maintain. 

Ankle Height

When searching for the Best Soccer Shoes, one of the key features to look for is the ankle height which is highly dependent on your personal preference. In case you prefer to guard against sprains, mid ankles heights are a good option but they may compromise on the range of motion. A low ankle height, on the other hand, can give you a better range of motion especially if you’re a winger. Some brands even offer detachable ankle slips to customize your preference. 

The Type of Cleat to suit The Surface

The surface of the game is a major factor that affects your decision to pick the right gear for your feet. Soccer shoes are built to be worn on firm, soft, turf or even indoor grounds. One has to pick a pair that gives maximized acceleration and unfailing traction on the type of ground. 

You might be a professional or a casual one; the right pair of soccer shoes will always remain the single most important thing in your arsenal. They make a considerable impact on your running and dribbling abilities. The position you hold in the field can also make a difference in the cleats you must buy. They can truly make a big difference in your performance. Working out your personal requirements along with the game algorithms can give a clear understanding of the choosing the right footwear.

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