Get The Perfect Look With These Grooming Essentials for Men

Get The Perfect Look With These Grooming Essentials for Men

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Okay! This one is difficult, and not my forte. But still, working with so many male colleagues at my workplaces has taught me how important it is for men and women to be groomed. While I have been posting a few articles on makeup trends for women, I raise the bar for myself by posting this for men. 

Whether it is a workplace or a family get-together, we cannot ignore how important it is for men to be perfectly groomed. It ensures that they stand out, and are noticed. Grooming helps them get away from the image of dirty unkempt and haggard males with no regards to their personality

Whether it is the men with beard, or without a beard, with long hair, or with short hair, or with a shaved head, grooming is essential for all. In a lift full of people, your fragrance can be the difference between comfort and discomfort for others. On those long video calls, a washed beard can keep that itch away which prompts you to involuntarily scratch it. A clean shave with a cologne can do the trick in the much-awaited interview.

Here are the tips I have gathered. Pick them, and be ready to roll!

For the Bearded Man:-

Beards can be tough to maintain. They can be irritating at times, and rough. Whether it is a close-trimmed one, the french cut, or a full-fledged dense growth, the trick is to keep it clean, and the carving perfect.

The best way to go about it is to use a beard wash every alternate day, and razors to carve those corners into a perfect shape. 

Just have a look at the following George Clooney pic. It is neat, combed, even in that hairless patch below the cheekbones. You find the decent carved beard and perfect lining of the moustache.

For the Clean Shaved:-

These are the easiest ones. The key is to shave daily. I have seen many who shave once in three days or once in four days, letting their shave grow into in a dirty little growth. There are multiple razor blades available in the market, but I have heard the best feedback of Gillette Mach3 razors. They are pretty cheap, and the set of cartridges makes them reusable. The key to maintaining the look is to shave every morning. But that is perhaps obvious for men, isn't it? 


Apart from the shaving and maintaining of beards, the fragrances are a great accompaniment to a well-groomed man. I am planning to write a different article about perfumes, but for the initial grooming purposes, a cologne is perfect. Usually, they come in the form of aftershaves, and deodorants. The most common one is a musk, and others include citrus and mint. The product listed below "Jovan Musk" is a mild musk, and will last you for some time. Since it is not very strong, therefore it does fade away by the evening.

Face Cleansers:-

These come in handy on dry and dusty days, giving your face the much-needed moisturisation and nourishment. Especially if you have driven to the office with your window rolled down, or have driven those convertibles, you will need these. All you have to do is to wet your face, apply them, and rinse it. It refreshes you and it rejuvenates you. 

Recommended Product List

I am adding a few products to this article. Most of these are cheap and can be afforded by nearly everyone.

Uncle Jimmy, Hair, Beard,and body Wash 

Dove, Mens Face Wash

Gillette Mach3 Razors for Man

Jovan Musk for Men

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