Four Essentials Business Books For This Summer

Four Essentials Business Books For This Summer

By avatarLuvv

If you work within the scope of business or marketing you will know the importance of study and preparation. Being well documented is an essential point in the development of any profession, but in the field of business it really makes a difference.

Books about business analysis are essential for their development, as are other books that posess complementary human skills. For that reason, I have selected four related books that not coincidentally triumphed in sales. Enjoy them this summer!

1. Allan Dib - The One Page Marketing Plan

In this best seller, the serial entrepreneur Alan DIb became known for a unique proposal that consists of a simple and brief marketing plan on a single page. Dib expresses this plan in a simple sheet divided into nine tables, through which he develops the implementation of the plan he proposes in a simple manner.

In this book, Dib develops a plan that responds to how to generate new clients and at the same time offers a description of how to handle in a simple and successful way the essential aspects to do business

2. Dale Carnegie - How To Win Friends & Influence People

This book dates from 1936 and was updated in 1981 is one of the first publishing successes of the self-help genre. Its classic style is transferred to the simple format and organized in the way it transmits its content. The explanation of each section - as well as the objectives that each one gives - is simple and simple, which allows it to cover and address a large number of readers. Its content includes a number of important techniques and simple strategies to positively influence people.

 Its content encompasses a number of important techniques and simple strategies to be an Ace of social skills: wasting charisma, being a successful speaker and positively influencing people. Useful, right?

3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

This book is Another classic and complete best seller that is usually classified within the self-help genre, whose first edition dates back from 1989.

In it, Stephen Covey recounts and lists thirty-two principles belonging to the "ethics of character", through which he details seven fundamental habits to improve our behavior and apply it in our daily lives. These are very simple and comprehensive, including aspects linked to the character and attitudes of people. It is an edition that encompasses the diverse notions characteristic of those who specify not only professional careers, but highly successful lives.

4. The Road To Character - David Brooks

In a similar line to the previous book, The Road To Character -published in 2016- points to that type of reader more committed, and less traditional of this genre. David Brooks delves into revealing his own problems at this moment in history: he argues that the hunger for power and current status erodes our ability to build meaningful lives. To counteract it, observe people whose sense of humility contributed to the construction of worthy and purposeful lives.

 One of those books that delve into the important, leaving the superficial aside.

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