Foot Scrubs and Pedicure Kits That Will Give You Pep in Your Step

Foot Scrubs and Pedicure Kits That Will Give You Pep in Your Step

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You might be thinking: Why do we need foot scrubs, and are pedicures really necessary? 

It's for your benefit. Making sure to exfoliate your foot skin prevents infections, blisters and bunions. Foot skin is a combination of several layers of live skin and several layers of dead skin. In between that space is room for warts, blisters and even staph infections. When you exfoliate the skin in this area, you are helping to shed not only dead, unwanted skin, but also shed the chance for these maladies to proliferate.

It's for the benefit of people around you. When you shower, you are standing on your naked feet. If you don't practice good hygiene with your feet, you can spread that bacteria and fungus to other people when they go to take a shower. Also, like all dead things. your dead skin tends to smell bad.. really bad. If you wear sandals, and it stinks, there's a good chance it is coming from your own feet.

The following recommendations are awesome and very useful: 

Calily Life Tea Tree Foot & Body Scrub

This all natural, organic scrub contains tea tree oil, an ingredient proven to kill bacteria. Also, it has dead sea minerals and salts, which both exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Having used this product myself, you can go pretty much all day with your feet smelling and looking fresh.

Theratree Scrub with mint

This is my personal favorite of the things I am recommending. It also contains tea tree oil with the added benefit of mint extract, also helpful in killing bacteria and fungus. The pumice gets in really deep and helps wipe away that dead skin, leaving your feet feeling completely refreshed.


Four in one Shopizone Pedicure Kit

What sets this apart from other pedicure tools is the steps of exfoliation it includes. Instead of just taking a jagged rock and rubbing it on your feet, this is a nice and gentle process that leaves you feeling clean. This is an optimal product for people with callouses or areas of really thick skin on their heel. 

Rachelsplanbee body scrub

Sometimes you just need that rock, however. Joking aside, if you are on your feet all day, and you notice that your feet are painful to walk on, it is probably to buildup of a lot of dead skin. This can cause some serious itching issues, making your day miserable. This is a very powerful exfoliate compared to anything else on this list. You should consider this product if your feet are terribly calloused from walking, working, or having plantar warts. This product gets the job done. Just be sure that you use this product along with one of the salves mentioned in this article.

Kaeso Pedicure

This product is meant for after your feet have been properly exfoliated, The citrus and ginger really get into your foot skin for a deeper clean. It stings a bit, but it is completely worth it after that has worn off. Aside from that, this can also be a great substitute to use instead of the tea tree infused scrubs, as some people have an allergic reaction to the tea tree oil.

Foot Care is just as important as cleaning any other part of your body, perhaps even more so because of how often we use our feet, and how impeded we are if the bottom of them are in constant pain or are perpetually itching from all of the dead skin. Everyone will thank you, and you will thank yourself!

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