Flight Essentials to Keep Your Child Calm and Enjoying

Flight Essentials to Keep Your Child Calm and Enjoying

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Are you going on a flight with your child? Whether it's a long flight or not and whether it's your child's first time or not, it is still of great importance to prepare goodies for your child. So, whenever they get bored or irritated while waiting for the flight and during the trip, you have the stuff to calm him down, let him sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

I can still remember when my son had his first flight. He was still 2 years old by then. He is not used into hearing loud sounds and noises. In fact, he is horrified by whatever noises he hears until now that he's already turning 5.

I thought of the propeller s' rumble but we have to take that important flight. Due to the weather impediments, our flight which is supposedly 8PM was moved to 11:30PM. So, with his weariness, he fell in a deep sleep that my fear was saved by it.

This time, I have to prepare him for another flight way back home and other upcoming flight in the next 2 weeks. Thinking deeply about it, I came up to the best convincing pacifier for him. I no longer got the need of covering his ears and cuddle him on my lap anymore.

What I got is simply his:

iPad and On-ear Headset

Actually, a cell phone would be good or tablet may be. What's more important is the apps you are going to install in the device. 

To convince my son, I downloaded an airplane short movies for kids and watch along with him in all chances. Airplane Diary helped us a lot like I memorized the theme song so we can sing together as the pilot turns on the engine and as we take off. I also downloaded some more videos to amuse and keep him on while we are up on the air.

If you are with kids older than my son, you may also install different game applications to keep them on the flight. Or bring with you their PSP, Nintendo, etc. However, we cannot really take it away from them to easily get tired and palled of their present activities, that is why it is better to bring with you other enjoying and entertaining stuff as a substitute. These may include:

Coloring Book & Crayons

If you catch his mood to do coloring, well, you are prepared. Sometimes, our kids would better love just to sit and color different images especially when you got a character book for him to creatively shade up. It is also cheerful for them to see how wonderful it is they have made at the end.

When you bring one, then, don't forget complete pieces of his crayons ( basic colors).

Activity Book & Pencil

As I have said, kids easily get bored. So, if they refuse to color this time or maybe coloring book don't work even, then try an activity book. However, that's if and only if, your child is used into studying. I am saying this because I see and I heard stories from other parents who are having difficulties convincing their children to study and to practice writing (for pre-schoolers).

Paper & Writing Materials

You got a coloring book, activity book, crayons, and pencil...just bring it on. Also, bring with you a pad of paper and other writing materials your child is used into. You later may find out which one works best.

There are other kids who got irritated and cranky whenever they feel hungry but they just fail to determine what they need. So, I think it is better for you to bring a food they love. Yes, there are foods available while on board but honestly, they typically serve drooling foods for adults but not for kids. Kids also have food problems so, you cannot really guarantee if they love to taste other foods.

And the best thing I suggest to you is to bring a toy. This doesn't mean just anything you saw and pick in the room, it has to be the toy that he chooses and he loves to be with him on the flight.

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