Five things you definitely need in your gym locker in 2018

Five things you definitely need in your gym locker in 2018

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Who does not love to see a fit and good-looking self in the mirror? If you are planning to embark on the journey to fitness, add to that the benefits of self-confidence and great selfies. Surely, that is reason enough for you to hit the gym regularly. If you are planning to do that, here are a few things that you want in your locker.

Gym clothing: There are a wide range of options here, unless you are planning to do an exercise that requires specific kind of clothing, like swimming for instance. Otherwise, the top can be of the sleeveless, half sleeve or even full sleeve variety. Similarly, you have the option of wearing gym shorts or track pants. Whatever you opt for, make sure that it is comfortable to wear. You may want to look good in it, but always keep in mind that appearance is a bonus. Comfort is what matters most.

Your gym clothes could be made using a variety of fabrics, all of which serve different purposes. For example, if you do not expect to sweat, you can opt for gym clothes made of cotton. On the other hand, if you are planning to do aerobic exercises that involve heavy sweating, lycra or spandex would be a better option since they keep your body cool.

Shoes: Making the right choice of shoes may often seem a huge challenge, given the bewildering variety on offer. To make it a less confusing, keep in mind the nature of the activity you propose to undertake. For instance, while running you impact the ground with three times your body weight, which means the shoes should be designed for a high-impact activity. Walking shoes cannot do that, you necessarily need a pair of running shoes if you want to prevent injuries in the long run.

In addition, you also need to consider specific requirements of your feet. If you are flat footed, for example, you will need specifically designed footwear. 

Protein shakes: Proteins are essential for the process of post workout muscle repair and growth, especially whey protein. For this purpose, you do not necessarily need to consume an egg carton in a Rockyesque manner. Keep it simpler and get yourself a protein shake. There are separate protein shakes for men and women, available in a variety of flavours.

Gloves:  Gloves primarily serve two purposes. First and foremost, they allow you to protect the sensitive skin of your palms, especially while lifting weights. Secondly, they also help you to retain your grip if you have sweaty palms. 

As with shoes, you may find yourself confronted by a confusing variety of options. Your ultimate choice would be based on the twin considerations of comfort and the nature of the activity you intend to carry out in the gym.

Activity Trackers: When you are working so hard, you also want to know the outcome, don’t you? That’s where an activity tracker is useful. It allows you to keep a tab on the duration of your workout, the number of steps taken, the distance covered, and the number of calories burnt. More advanced versions can keep track of your pulse, heart rate, etc. The tracker could be in the form of a mobile app or a separate device like a fitbit. What you opt for depends purely on your convenience and your budget. 

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