Fall Looks: Get Yourself A Leather Biker Jacket!

Fall Looks: Get Yourself A Leather Biker Jacket!

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The classic leather biker jacket. When I think of one - my mind immediately goes to "Grease" or "Saturday Night Fever".  It was during those times that these jackets were seen everywhere. 

Everywhere - on men. Women rarely wore them - because it was seen as a very masculine item of clothing. 

Though - over the years - it has evolved from being a bikers staple - to everyday wear - for everyone!

Why Wear Them?

A leather biker jacket is an extremely versatile item of clothing. It can take looks from day to night effortlessly. 

Plus - they keep you really warm too! Perfect for fall weather!

Basically, these jackets are perfect because:

1. They are stylish

2. Are available in so many different colours

3. Are available in many different styles - there is always something for everyone

4. Can fit into any kind of budget

5. A versatile piece of clothing 

6. Can be worn in different types of weather - even in summer!

7. Biker jackets are perfect for bikers!

What Kind of Jacket is Right for Me?

While these jackets are super stylish - if you do not know which kind of jacket is best for you - there really is no point wearing one. 

So - to help you get the perfect jacket for you - here are a few of my tips!

1. Material

What the jacket is made up of is as important as the style it is cut in. A leather biker jacket can come in a variety of different materials.

The quality of the material determines how long the jacket will last you for. 

If you choose to buy something cheaper - then you can be sure that you will not be keeping that jacket for more than a year. 

Some good quality materials are:

1. Calfskin Leather

2. Shearling Leather

3. Alligator Leather

4. Suede Leather

5. Full Grain Leather

6. Nubuck Leather

But if you do not want real leather - because it is after all the hide of an animal - you can use artificial leather. 

Artificial leather is also known as vegan leather. It is made up of polyurethane. It looks and feels exactly like real leather - and this too comes in varying types of quality.

Some of the types of artificial leather are:

1. PU Faux Leather 

2. PVC Faux Leather 

2. Style

As with any other article of clothing - you need to wear something that fits you right. 

No matter the price or quality of the jacket - if the cut does not flatter your figure - you will never feel confident in it - making the purchase a waste of money!

Leather jackets come in different styles, but my personal favourite is the leather biker jacket. 

A Leather biker jacket has flared collars, large lapels and angled front zippers. This cut and shape are flattering on almost any kind of body type. 

Other types of jackets that you could also buy are:

1. Bomber Leather Jackets

This one is the most simple style of leather jackets. It is a crowd favourite. 

2. Racer Leather Jackets

These jackets usually do not come with a collar and tend to be elasticised around the waist and wrists - to give you a snug fit. 

3. Flying Leather Jackets

These jackets were initially meant for pilots - and so come with a fur lining around the collar - to keep them warm when they flew planes. 

3. Fit

The fit of the jacket should typically be something that is not too tight - but cannot be too loose either. It needs to be just right. 

If you like the distressed look - find jackets that are distressed in the right places - so that they do not actually look destroyed!

4. Colour

Leather jackets come in a variety of colours these days. However, you will usually find a leather biker jacket in browns or in blacks. 

Choose a black jacket if you want something that you can wear with any outfit. Or if you will be wearing it at nighttime. 

Brown leather jackets are casual. They give outfits a more relaxed look and feel. 

If you are a daring and do not mind putting yourself out there - then you should invest in coloured jackets!

How Much Should You Spend on One?

Leather - especially designer or genuine leather - jackets can be really expensive. 

And not only do they cost a lot of money - they also take time, effort and money to maintain them!

If You Have the Money:

If you do not have any budgetary restrictions - then you could invest in jackets by:

1. Stella McCartney

This brand uses artificial leather too! And - do not worry - these jackets will be made of the best quality!

2. TopMan

3. Allsaints

4. Cole Haan

5. Dunhill

6. YSL

7. Chanel

8. Gucci

9. Prada

10. Micheal Kors

If You are on a Budget:

If you cannot afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a jacket - then you could either look at bargain stores - or buy vintage!

Vintage stores do carry a lot of beautiful pieces of clothing - you just have to look for them. 

And - the vintage look is timeless - and when it comes to a leather biker jacket - a vintage piece is very authentic!

How Do I Wear a Leather Biker Jacket?

There are many different ways that you can style a leather biker jacket - to make it appropriate for any type of occasion. 

1. Casual

If you are going for a casual look - you can pair the jacket with a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt or top. 

Casual Looks:

1. For Women:

a) Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers with the jacket

b) Casual dress, flip-flops with the jacket

c) Flowly skirt, fitted top, ballet flats with the jacket

d) Leggings, loose t-shirt, flats with the jacket

2. For Men:

a) Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers with the jacket

b) Long shorts, t-shirt, casual shoes with the jacket

2. Dressy

If you are going out at night - and you want to dress up your outfit - then all you need to do is team your outfit with a pair of heels!

If you cannot wear the heels - then you just need to accessorise with some silver pieces of jewellery. 

Dressy Looks:

1. For Women:

a) Jeans, top, heels with the jacket

b) Dark coloured dress, heels with the jacket

c) Leather pants, neutral coloured top, heels with the jacket

2. For Men:

a) Dark coloured jeans, polo t-shirt, loafers with the jacket

b) Leather pants, t-shirt, closed shoes with the jacket

3. Formal

This look is admittedly a little bit difficult to achieve with a leather biker jacket. But that does not mean that it is impossible!

Swap the jeans for a pair of chinos or formal trousers - and wear a polo t-shirt or a fitted shirt instead of the t-shirt. 

Formal Looks:

1. For Women:

a) Formal dress, pumps, with the jacket

b) A pantsuit, kitten heels with the jacket

2. For Men:

a) Chinos, shirt, formal shoes with the jacket

b) Formal trousers, a shirt, shoes with the jacket

So no matter what kind of look you want to go for - or what your unique style is - I am sure you will be able to find a leather biker jacket that will suit you just right. 

All it takes is a little bit of time, patience - and trial and error!

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