Everything You Need to Know About Tattoos Sleeves

Everything You Need to Know About Tattoos Sleeves

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More than ever these days, tattoos - and in particular, tattoos sleeves - seem to be in vogue. They are becoming more fashionable and less "anti-establishment" than they were considered to be before. 

Tattoos can come in so many different forms - from completely covering a part of your body - to tiny ones that look like a mole - you can really get any kind of tattoo you want. 

Personally, I do not have a tattoo. I am not sure if I would want to have a tattoo or not - for a variety of reasons. 

Getting a Tattoo

Here, I will try to give you all the good - and the bad - parts of getting a tattoo - to help you make an informed decision. 


1. Allows You to be Creative and Free

The fact that you can get a tattoo - and have it say anything - is what attracts people the most. 

You can design your tattoo to be anything you want - to mean anything - or even to make a statement. 

For a lot of people - this allows them to show the world who they truly are - and what they believe in - without having to say it. 

2. New Technology

As technology evolved - so did tattoos and the machinery. Nowadays you can get a tattoo done quicker, be less painful - and look better!

New machines make it possible for a tattoo to be completed in a much shorter time span - meaning that you feel less pain.

Also, the formulas in the ink have changed - allowing the colour pay-off to be much higher - and so, the tattoo fades much slower than before. 

3. Accessory

More than being a statement for the world - tattoos are also an accessory. They can also serve to be a permanent piece of art - that really fits in with your style. 

4. Remembrance

Tattoos stay on our skin for a long time. So when people get tattoos that hold an emotional meaning for them - they really have a memory etched on them - which is a very sentimental thing to have. 

The best part about them - is that they are with you forever. 


With all the good - there is always the bad.

1. Society and Tattoos

Even though tattoos are becoming more popular - they are still thought to be somewhat rebellious. To society in general - especially smaller cities and towns - will still consider a person with a tattoo to be "bad".

In addition - some companies do not allow their employees to have tattoos - or have their tattoos be visible - because it looks "unprofessional". 

2. Health Risks

The first thing you will think of - when you decide to get a tattoo - is the pain. At least this is the case for me.

By the very nature of how a tattoo is made - you know it is bound to hurt. 

So if you have a low threshold for pain - this may not be the best idea for you. 

Also, you could run the risk of getting an infection or disease from the needle - and you could be allergic to the ink used itself.

3. Needing Touchups

Tattoos that are made on certain parts of the body - for some reason - tend to fade quicker than the rest. 

So this would mean that certain tattoos need to be touched up a lot more frequently - and so would be more expensive, harder to maintain - and painful!

4. Inexperienced Artists

When getting a tattoo - it is extremely important to go to a well-known, professional tattoo artist. 

If you get one done by someone who is very inexperienced - or to a studio which does not have a good reputation - you could very well end up with a tattoo that you hate. 

If the tattoo does not turn out correctly - you may need to have it removed entirely - or corrected )if possible. 

Not only is this difficult - it is also very expensive and painful. 

5. Lasts Forever

The same way that it is a great thing if you get a tattoo that lasts forever - it is also a bad thing. 

If you put on or lose too much weight - the shape and form of the tattoo will also change. 

It will stop looking like something you wanted - and you will either have to live with it - or get it removed. 

What Type Should I Get?

You can get any kind of tattoo you want. But what is most popular these days are tattoo sleeves. 

A 'tattoo sleeve' is basically a large tattoo that covers an entire area. Or it could even be multiple smaller tattoos that together completely cover up a body part. 

There are a bunch of different kinds of sleeves that you can get; namely:


1. Arm Sleeves

a) Full Sleeves

These full-arm sleeves take a long time to complete. These kinds of tattoos sleeves are the most prominent. Regardless of what you wear - they will always be noticeable. 

These tattoos sleeves cover the entire area from your shoulder to your wrist. 

These tattoos also tend to be more painful - since they are put on places where there is typically very little fat. 

When getting a full-arm tattoo sleeve, you must remember to work with your artist - so you get the design right - and that the whole design comes together. 

b) Half Sleeves

A half sleeve leaves either your forearm or your upper arm bare.

You can choose which part of your arm you would like to get tattooed - but you will be entirely covering that part. (i.e. getting a tattoo done on your upper arm only). 

These take less time and are much more employer-friendly because you can cover them up very easily. 

c) Quarter Sleeves

Quarter arm tattoo sleeves cover up half the space on your arm - that a half sleeve does. 

A quarter sleeve tattoo needs very little time to be completed - and leaves room from changes and growth. 

They cost less than the other two - but still, require a lot of planning. 

2. Leg Sleeves

A leg sleeve is not visible all the time. They are not so prominent - and will probably hurt less than an arm sleeve - because our legs normally have more fat than our arms.

Leg sleeves are found in the same measure as arm sleeves. 

a) Full Sleeves

A full leg sleeve covers the entire area from your upper thigh to your ankle. Remember that if you are considering getting a leg sleeve, you will need a large and intricate design. Because this sort of tattoo spans over a larger part of your body. 

b) Half Sleeves

Half tattoo sleeves will either be from the upper thigh to the knee - or from the knee to the ankle. 

c) Quarter Sleeves

These sleeves may solely be around your knees, ankles or any one particular part of your body. 

No matter where you get a tattoo - the most important thing is to get it done by a reputable tattoo artist - someone who knows what they are doing. Because a good tattoo artist or studio will make sure that their needles are clean and that the studio or parlour is maintained in a very clean and hygienic manner. 

And while most people say that tattoos - and in particular tattoos sleeves - are very "out there" and are "forever" - that is not necessarily true. You can always get them removed. The only drawback is that it takes a lot more time to remove a tattoo than it does to put one on. And removals are a lot more painful and expensive. 

So before you get a tattoo - check with your doctor - and weigh out all the pros and cons - and then make your decision.

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