Essential Materials to Have in Keeping Tomatoes Productive

Essential Materials to Have in Keeping Tomatoes Productive

By avatarjorizklenz

To have productive tomatoes either in your garden or in your farm it is not enough to plant and to wait for the harvest. It must have interventions from us aside from natural ones (example: bees as to pollinate). Meaning we should have good gardening or farming practices to keep our plants healthy to have better produce. With that, agricultural materials will be able to help us to achieve our desired targets.

Let’s start with:

Pruning Shear

Part of the must-have, pruning shear must be included. It makes pruning of unwanted branches, leaves, and fruits easy. Keeping tomatoes regularly pruned from undesirable or infected parts reduces the risks of insect and disease infestation and contamination. Furthermore, it makes plants healthier and productive. One of the practices is to maintain a single stem. To allow tomatoes to bear more and give bigger fruits. Part of the maintenance is to de-sucker the plant. Meaning removal of lateral buds that will soon develop as branches, allowing plants to put more energy into producing fruits. Additionally, by keeping fewer fruits you are letting bigger fruits to develop.


In watering tomatoes, avoid pouring on the leaves, at the base instead to reduce the risk of fungal infestation. The important thing to remember is to not overwater nor underwater them because it causes stress and damage to the plants, and generally it works to all.


Sprayer makes our application for foliar fertilizer, insecticide or fungicide convenient and efficient. For fewer tomatoes or potted ones, pressurized hand sprayer works for your need. However, for bigger areas or gardens knapsack sprayer is more applicable to have. Furthermore, for big agricultural industries, they are using mechanical or automation.


Trellis for tomatoes comes from any form, you can have economically or aesthetically designed. The important thing is to give support to your tomatoes to stand and to avoid breaking of branches while bearing fruits. For practical purposes, I am using polypropylene twine, 4-ply for and 1-ply the mainframes, and tie-box for tying the body and branches off. Making support for tomatoes is not that hard, at least, I could have many trellises with minimal costs, and it’s durable as well.


Aside from having a healthy soil, it’s also good to have a balanced fertilizer or good combinations of fertilizers of different grades in keeping tomatoes productive. As the plants growing, nutrient uptake is also increasing. Hence, right fertilization plays an important role in maintaining optimal soil’s condition to have better produce.

Common fertilizers used are balanced fertilizers, with the N-P-K of 14-14-14, 15-15-15 or 16-16-16 which we called complete fertilizers, packed with macro-elements needed by the plants. Other fertilizers are Ammonium Sulphate (24-0-0-24S), Murate of Potash (0-0-60), and many more which are combined to balance fertilizer to attain desirable grade for a specific plant nutrient requirement.

On the other hand, there are also available fertilizers in liquid form. These are purposely made to feed the plants in the leaves, and these are foliar fertilizers. Foliar fertilizers are applied to promote healthier plants, produce more and bigger fruits, and address micro-nutritional deficiency manifested.

Insecticide and Fungicide

To make tomatoes sure free from insect and disease infestation and contamination it’s better to keep insecticide and fungicide in stock. You could either apply preventive or curative. As to my practice, I am to curative in order to minimize the chances of beneficial insects to be included during insecticide application, so too fungicide.

Beforehand, if you’re not certain with the insects or fungus you observed and the extent of infestation it’s better to seek advice first to a professional, expert or well experienced and knowledgeable individual to have better judgment on what product to use and how much to apply. Furthermore, general directions of the product are must follow to secure the safety of the user and consumer of the produce.

As a whole, with the materials and tips being listed and given to you, you can have a better harvest for your tomatoes in your gardens. Enjoy and keep being active!

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