Enliven Your Day with Chocolate Drinks and Snacks

Enliven Your Day with Chocolate Drinks and Snacks

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Do you need a chocolate drink to start your day? Give in to your cravings and enjoy your cocoa. Sure, chocolate makes you feel good. However, it also has many health benefits. Some of them are a reduction in stress, anxiety and the risks of heart diseases. Read on to learn more about the best chocolate drinks and snacks that can make your day.


Do you want to kick-start your day with energy and enthusiasm? Then, go for Nestle Milo 3 in 1, which has 18 sachets per pack. Take a drink of Milo along with your breakfast. This will give you the much-required iron, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Milo’s protomalt will help you focus and stay fresh till your lunch break.

I like my Milo strong and rich in flavor. So, I pour an entire sachet into a cup of warm water. However, if you do not prefer a strong flavor, you may add milk to warm water and pour half the sachet. Some prefer to add more sweet to their cup of Milo. No matter how you like it, Milo will give you the strength and vigor to carry out your tasks.


You may love your chocolate drink. But, how about adding some crispiness to it? What better than Milo Nuggets to do that? While these nuggets offer the taste of Milo, they are also deliciously crispy. With their thick chocolate flavor and choco-malt taste, you will find them satisfying your taste buds.

Replete with vitamins and minerals, these nuggets melt in your mouth. Kids and adults alike can enjoy Milo nuggets as snacks. If you like something crispy along with your coffee, go for nuggets. Easy to carry, put this pack in your handbag when you travel. 


Are you wondering about a tasty snack for your child? Try Milo Energy Snack Bars Original. Your child will be ecstatic. The delicious and wholesome Milo pieces are individually wrapped in 6 bars. Take a couple of these scrumptious bars during your office snack hours. You will not be disappointed. 

Milo Original Snack Bar is high in dietary fiber, energy, proteins, and carbohydrates. This snack is a combination of cereal pieces and Milo powder, dipped in a milky layer. If you are a fan of chocolates and cereal bars, you may want to give this a try. You will surely ask for more.


Everyone talks about chocolate drinks and snacks for kids. How about one for adults? We have found the perfect one for you with MILO® Nutri G. Note that 2 bottles of this energy drink give you fiber that matches a bowl of rolled oats. So, take a cup of MILO® Nutri G before you hurry to the office.

This nutritious drink is a blend of protomalt, brown rice, wheat, whole grains, cocoa, and milk. You may have this power drink for breakfast. Alternatively, you may drink this anytime during the day. Just take 2 minutes to boost yourself with energy before you turn to your errands, school or office.


Do you want crunchy chocolates that melt in your mouth? Cadbury Crunchy Melts Double Indulgence is your answer. This cookie has crumbly chocolate chips on the outside. The inside part of the cookie has a generous chocolate filling. If you are a cocoa fan, do not give it a miss.

Dip this cookie in Milo to get the triple chocolate effect. If you are worried about the calories, eat just one cookie a day. Crunchy melts are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. With them, you get the required energy to tackle your day.

Right from boosting your mood to improving your health, chocolate does it all. Snack on crunchy chocolate cookies or bars once in a day. Drink Milo or MILO® Nutri G just once or twice a day. Do not forget to stick to your balanced diet. As a result, you will neither gain weight nor fall a prey to dental problems.

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