Drawbacks of Small Laptops

Drawbacks of Small Laptops

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There has never been a better time to be alive, you can’t but appreciate the easier life of today facilitated by modern day technology. Those dreaded days of typewriters are over, the impact of personal computers in this era cannot be overemphasised. It's a must-have tool for the average Joe most especially the entrepreneurs. There’s barely any task these machines cannot accomplish, with enhanced versions being released annually. Laptops are made for different users although most parents still get petrified seeing children playing video games on their perceived modern-day typewriter. Although there are many brands of laptops out there either you're a nerd like Dexter or not, you can have a normal sized laptop or a small laptop.

While the former is more popular than the latter, some people actually prefer small laptops. Firstly, mini-laptops are cheaper, which is totally understandable but depending on your taste, small laptops can be amazing as they are ultraportable devices. For those who think the mini and regular laptop are only different based on screen size, then "you know nothing" like Jon Snow. Look no further, enlightenment is here.


Small laptops are designed for swift and easy computing, preference was made for this other than screen focus. A mini laptop will have all its components in small sizes, that's a no-brainer. It can get really stressful to stare and concentrate on the screen especially during nocturnal hours. Your phone's screen size may be small but based on handling and proximity to the eyes, you get to see everything easily. You can't handle small laptops like phones and bring it close to your face, that's a front row premium ticket to witness an optician perform at his or her best. 

And if you are the entertainment lover, it’s best you find a mini laptop that is HDMI compatible, no way will you enjoy HD movies on small screens with resolutions around 1024x600 unless you are from Lilliput. Imagine you trying to have a romantic time with your partner and you try to get in the "Netflix and Chill" zone, those amazing, award-winning shows will look so unexciting and dull on smaller screens don’t you think? If you are a workaholic with no love for movies then you should purchase a small laptop.


If you own a small laptop then you would not be surprised at this feature. Although, these devices can run for more than 3 hours on a full battery but is at the expense of the RAM. Low amount of RAM means your laptop will not be able to process high-speed applications, not like it won't be able to play games but there's a huge difference between games like solitaire and Call of Duty. Also, due to low RAM, when it comes to working with applications that require high resolution like Blender, CS6 (Adobe Photoshop), you may experience lagging or worse. If you're fine with 1.5 gigabytes of RAM and being totally blind to the world of entertainment on computers then small laptops are just right for you. 


It’s agreeable that small laptops suit students best, they are built to be lightweight, durable, flexible and affordable. But like every normal human being, we all have valuable data that require long-term storage. Some save such in the Cloud or external hard drive but for those willing to save such on their mini-laptop, it’s not just a bad idea, it's a terrible idea. Unlike the regular laptops, small laptops do not possess much storage space. Any file surpassing 1GB size will significantly deplete your laptop storage.  Among the negatives is the issue of no internal CD/DVD drives, although we are gradually moving away from the use of compact disks, they are still quite useful in this era. Apart from game discs, there are also application disks. These are easy to install; the first step is to press eject from the right-side of your personal computer but wait! Oh, you don't have a CD drive only USB ports. 


Purchasing a laptop always depend on your personality or occupation. If you’re a writer with a tight budget, mini-laptops are awesome for typing, taking notes and checking email. Even upon those features, if you’re fearfully blessed with fingers like Hulk, typing on small laptops will be quite taxing. Most students especially the males are lovers of music and video games, acquiring a small laptop will only drive such folks nuts. Ever seen a DJ with a small laptop before? Highly improbable. This illustrates that such laptops are incapable of high-speed processing and multitasking due to low RAM size and less storage size. The hardware speed can be slower overall, this is not ideal for gaming or for those who are graphics designers.


Small laptops are provided at reasonable prices and in fact at a fraction of the cost of a regular laptop. But due to some of its restrictive features, the average user has to spend more to enjoy his or laptop efficiently. For example, most users of mini laptops have to acquire external CD drives. Let's say you visit a computer shop and you find astonishing discounts for latest applications but sadly, they come in CD format and you own a personal computer built without such a feature. What will you do? Knowing that there's a solution to this, it's highly likely that one will purchase an external CD drive.

Also, one of the most popular accessories that owners of small laptops find ultimately invaluable is the external hard-drive. Who could blame them? The storage space available on mini laptops is so small compared to the data modern day users have to save. And also, unless you're devoid of a soul like Constantine, then you would hate leisure and fun. Having an external hard-drive creates the platform to harbour movies anywhere you are especially if you do not have access to TVs. Apart from entertainment, external hard-drive will allow you to save other important documents and pictures too. Housing quality HD pictures on small laptops are not ideal as most are heavy sized. External CD drive and external hard drives are not free, so indirectly you will be spending more after purchasing a small laptop.

Purchasing a laptop in today's world is of personal preference if you’re the type to require a computer for easy typing and tasks that don’t take up much storage space like browsing the internet, checking email, editing on Word or Excel, then small laptops are ideal for you. If you’re someone that is entertainment inclined, requiring apps like iTunes, Photoshop etc. then laptops with bigger screens, internal CD/DVD drives and most importantly, laptops with huge storage space and bigger RAM size are perfect for you. 

If you wish to play performance intensive games or run heavy applications then purchasing a small laptop will not align with such needs, the regular laptop suits you better. With the rate of technological advancement, large computer manufacturers find ways to upgrade and produce newer and better models of small laptops with their drawbacks in mind. But if you’re still bent on purchasing a mini-laptop, at least purchase the quality ones. Examples of such are Acer Switch 3 mini laptop, ASUS Transformer Book mini laptop, etc.

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