Devotional Materials for Young Adults

Devotional Materials for Young Adults

By avatarodettewrites

It feels so good to know that reading and studying the scriptures in the bible does not only limit for Theology students and authorities but also for everyone especially the young people. For the bible isn't just scanned to find a solution to a problem, but for a deeper understanding of God's word and his commandments. 

Everything you need to know is in the Bible. But the following books will help you understand the scriptures further because of the author's different point of view as indicated by their personal experiences and reflections. The following devotional materials will help you feed your spiritual body and making it healthy and strong for more challenges and trials to come.

1. Moments of Grace by Arnel C. Tan

This book contains 150 devotional and reflective essays compared to other devotional materials available in any other Christian bookshops today. The author hand-picked some of the most timely topics that young adults have encountered and can relate in to. Topics include self-sufficiency, being still, strengthening the faith, commitment to the community, celebrating grace, enjoying the blessings, and many more. Each about is inclined to one verse for a better understanding of God's word and His message about your concerns. You might also want to grab your favorite cup of coffee when meditating God's word using this book.

2. Enjoy Life: The Message of Ecclesiastes by William B. Girao

If you've been looking for a "Life Manual", the Book of Ecclesiastes will be recommended. And it is translated and summed up in this book for better interpretation. The message of Ecclesiastes is just simple: Live wisely, enjoy it while you may, and above all, fear God and keep His commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:13). If you've asked yourself like "What's life for?" or "What's the point of all these things?", the answer can be found in this book. Meditate on it as well so you can remember it by heart.

3. The Expositor's Study Bible by Jimmy Swaggart

This bible encourages not just the young generation but for all people to read it. This is designed to help anyone who wants to understand the Bible better and enjoy it more. Features include the expositor's notes positioned immediately following the scripture, phrase or word, and a larger font size for convenient reading. Also, it utilizes some of the best Hebrew and Greek scholars. Even though explanations were provided, praying before reading this bible, or any Bible is very important and necessary for meditation and understanding. 

4. Christian Art Gifts-Journal

This notebook contains line pages, an inspirational scripture verse on each page and a ribbon marker. This notebook helps every person to make reflections and feed the soul with the refreshing good news of the Lord. And whenever you can't find the verse in the bible that can answer your needs and the grueling questions in your head, just scan within the pages of the journal and look for a bible verse provided. You will experience God's blessing and wonderful promise through His word.

Remember to read and meditate the word of God not only when situations get bumpy, but also when everything goes your way too! Feel abundantly blessed and share it with others too!

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