Cosmetic Ingredients Animal Lovers Should Avoid

Cosmetic Ingredients Animal Lovers Should Avoid

By avatarEuniCe

Makeups companies and many cosmetic brands use a wide variety of ingredients from various sources. Some ingredients are derived from plants, while some are derived from animals or minerals.

I am sensitive whenever I read the ingredient lists of my makeups and beauty products. Some animal-based ingredients are easy to spot, while some are difficult. Here are the top 3 ingredients:

1. Keratin

Keratin is a natural protein that comes from our nails and hairs. Sadly, they come from animals' nails, horns and hairs too. Keratin shampoos are in demand today. It is one of the best ingredients for hair care and skin care due to its anti-aging effect.

If you want a substitute for this ingredient, choose products that contain the same amino acids that Keratin has. Various nuts and fruit oils such as avocado oil and almond oil are rich in amino acids. I believe that these are the best animal-friendly substitutes.

2. Carmine

Carmine is a colorant that has a bright red color. If you are an animal lover, you might find Carmine to be the top ingredient that you want to avoid. Why? Because this pigment can only be obtained through crushing the beetles in order to get the carminic acid in their shells. I know that it sounds harsh, but that is the only way. 

One of the reasons that Carmine is a famous coloring ingredient is due to the fact that there are no animal-friendly alternatives to it. No type of ingredient can match the brightness and power of Carmine when it comes to its color shade. 

If you own a makeup product (or a nail polish) that has a deep red color, there is a huge possibility that it contains Carmine. I never found a skin product that has this ingredient, maybe because most skin care products don't need this bright color. 

Sometimes, the ingredient list will use the term "Crimson Lake" or "Cochineal" instead of using the word "Carmine." So watch out for those terms!

3. Stearic Acid

What's great about Stearic Acid is that it can be either obtained from animal fats or plants. This ingredient is what gives most cream formulations its body or nice texture. If you are wondering if there's an animal-friendly substitute for this, the answer is a big YES! There is palm-derived Stearic Acid all over the world. See to it that you support brands that include only palm-derived Stearic Acid in their products.

Here are some of the plant-based and animal-friendly cosmetics in my bag right now.

Zents Earth - Body Lotion

This product is great for sun protection. Its ingredients (green tea and vitamin E) are all gluten-free and animal-friendly.

NYX - Professional Makeup Blotting Powder

This works better than most of the expensive blotting powders I tried. I love using this for a quick touch up in the middle of the day. It comes with a powder puff inside.

Tarte - Amazonian Clay Blush

This works great for me. I have been using it for 2 years now. Using this adds some warmth back into my face every time!

Tarteist - Lip Crayon

This brand gives so many color shade options! Their lip paint stays put for a long time.

Which one of these would you love to try?

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- EuniCe

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