Choose only the best treats for your doggy pal

Choose only the best treats for your doggy pal

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While there are dozens of dog treats on the market, you might still want to consider only the best for your best friend.  Dog treats are very important  tool when training your dog(s). Whether you are teaching him to sit, fetch, obey, or to even go to potty. 

So, to begin with, two of the most popular type of dog treats are dog chews and dog jerky. What's the difference between them, and which treat is the best for your canine friend?

dog jerky treats

Dog Jerky's are made using the same dehydration techniques with that for the human consumption. Meat such as chicken, beef, or duck are cut into long strips, cured and dehydrated. Through the dehydration process, moisture is removed from the meat, making it last longer thus, improving its shelf life.

Aside from its delicious taste that your canine friend will surely love, Dog Jerky's are also helpful for your dog's teeth by removing plaque. The texture of the Jerky works like a toothbrush, scraping your dog's teeth as he enjoys chomping down his treat.

However, not all jerky treats are made with high quality meat. Some manufacturers uses low-quality filler ingredients which alter the natural flavor of the Jerky, resulting into a poor, non-nutritional Jerky treat. So, it is just important that you buy only the best for your dog. 

dog chews treat

Dog chews are chewier version of Jerky treats. It is also made from the same meat that makes a Jerky however, Chew treats are softer than that of its Jerky counterpart. Small breeds like Chihuahua, Shih Tzus, and Yorkshires mostly prefers this treat although this depends on your little buddy. Meanwhile, Jerky treats are more dry than chew treats

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