Cheap Styling in Small Spaces

Cheap Styling in Small Spaces

By avatarJMBee

Just because you are moving into an itty-bitty space doesn't mean you have to give up style or buckets of money.

You might be just starting out, renting a room for the first time, or moving into a dorm where you have to share living space. You can still live stylishly, affordably, and comfortably with these essential tips.


Yes, you only have twenty bucks to spare. But if you save up for five consecutive paychecks, then you have the one hundred bucks you need to buy a better and sturdier appliance or gadget.


Multifunctional. Multipurpose.

Save space and money by buying multifunctional gadgets and appliances. Ikea and its one million hacks gives great value for the money you are going to shell out.

My favorite and it's really affordable -  Tough Mama Multi-cooker. Grill, Stir Fry, Steam, Roast, Sauté, Hot Pot, Shallow Fry, Slow Cook. You can cook and serve from the same pot because the nonstick bowl is removable. I have done a lot of family entertaining with only this mu;ti-cooker. Best of all, it's easy to clean.


The space under your bed, store seasonal stuff.

Buy lots of covered storage boxes or foldable bags and just put everything under the bed.

The space under the sink, buy stackable baskets and store kitchen supplies.

If you open the cabinet sink, you see my stacks of toilet paper, laundry soap, and a stack of plastic containers.

That shower head? Use it to hang stuff. That shower rod? Use it to hand stuff.


Be neat. Be tidy. Be organized.

No amount of Gucci can save dirty, unkempt space. Sorry, the "waif slumming drugged-out look" got left in the 1990s. 


Go for durable plastic. Go for wood. Go for heavy cardboard. Go for bright colors. Go for style. 

But always go for purpose.

Make sure you can stack or fold them. Then store them. 

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