Best Vlogging Cameras Under $1000

Best Vlogging Cameras Under $1000

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Vlogging is one of the most popular trends of our times. To keep up with this global phenomenon, companies are coming up with newer devices to stay relevant to the growing vlogging demands around the world. The result is we have hordes of affordable cameras designed for vlogging specifically. 

In this article, we have discussed the best compact cameras you can use to vlog. The USP is you can get these cameras for less than a thousand bucks. We agree that DSLRs are the better option for quality video production, but compact cameras fulfill the needs of vloggers, who travel a lot. Read on and decide which type of camera you would like to buy for your vlogs.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

One of the most efficient and affordable vlogging cameras, this product from Canon has it all. It comes with an excellent lens, superb image quality, flip touch screen and wireless connection. Besides all these basic things, Mark II also features some useful additional specifications. For example, it has an improved rubber grip which lets the user hold the device more comfortably without the camera slipping away. 

There is an advanced processor that makes sure the camera turns on in record time. The auto-focus is better than average and performs well even in video mode with low contrast environs. The battery is powerful and can take well over two hundred shots before getting exhausted.

Highlights of the Product

· A powerful lens with effective zoom

· Efficient low light performance

· Comfortable and convenient rubber grip

· Faster processor

· Video creation kit

Panasonic LX10

Panasonic has started receiving more attention in recent years. The designers of this camera have paid unusual attention to the video quality which means it totally works for vlogging. It is, in fact, one of the greatest 4k cameras available at an affordable price. It does not have the common overheating issue faced by other 4k models like Sony RX100

The nice flip touch screen makes it more suitable for vlogs. Moreover, its auto-focus is not noisy at all, unlike the G7X. The image stabilization mechanism of this model is quite impressive and yields less shaky videos. All in all, this 4K compact camera gives great results.

Highlights of the Product

· Excellent 4K recording

· Above par low light performance

· Highly efficient lens

· Realistic color

· Value for money 

Sony Alpha a6000

This model is considered by many to be the best vlogging camera with a thousand dollars budget. It truly offers a pro-quality performance when it comes to video recording. It equips a mighty Bionz-X processor which truly performs at a lightning speed and offers an incredibly fast startup time. It features a unique 4D Focus that provides four separate dimensions to ensure each movement is covered with accurate auto-focusing. 

This hybrid focus makes sure the device captures scenes by focusing on the desired subject in a precise manner. The larger sensor and a quality processing system work effectively to produce shake-free video even in motion. Its decent size makes it suitable for carrying comfortably. 

While the device is connected through Wi-Fi you can access the PlayMemories app library which has recently been updated by Sony. You can also download a number of additional features from that library. The camera is also having a D type micro HDMI port to provide an excellent output of the captured video.

Highlights of the Product

· High-quality video recording

· Unique 4D Focus system

· Efficient larger sensor

· Solid design

· Easily portable

Canon EOS 5DS R

With the highest resolution in DSLR’s available on the market, this camera is a bold choice and huge investment. It has incredible specs and the price point makes it a good enough buy only for the most professional photographers. It has stunning photo clarity but doesn’t make the cut for videography like the other cameras in the 5D range

It enables stunning landscape photography and is a great buy for the pixels it offers. The EOS 5DS R's interval timer takes from 1 to 99 shots at preselected intervals (from 1 second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, or unlimited), ideal for shooting time lapses to enjoy our wonderful planet in motion. It also has an anti-flicker function that ensures best photo quality by sensing appropriate lighting for a picture.

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