Best Self Defense Keychains for Men and Women

Best Self Defense Keychains for Men and Women

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A common way to protect ourselves in case of getting attacked is to keep of pepper spray, small knife, stun gun or taser in your pocket or bag. Most of them are handy small devices back in the days, but some are now illegal or have been outlawed by certain states or regions of any country as it could also bring serious harm, injury or death to the attacker where a critical impact is somewhat inevitable. That’s why most EDC self-defense tools or accessories nowadays are just measured or assessed to inflict immobilizing damage to the attacker, giving you enough time to call for help, the proper authorities or run away from the situation such as a self-defense keychain. Additionally, pepper sprays and stun guns are common nowadays where muggers or violent people anticipate it one way or the other.

The combat item was invented in the early years of 1960 by a Japanese American named Sōke Takayuki Kubota. He was a martial artist and has been specializing in self-defense and thought of a way to create a handy accessory which does not violate any law and small enough to always keep around you and within arm’s reach. The designs of the keychain at first were derived from the weapon Koppo or Yawara stick combined with the concept of a conventional keychain. The small bat used by cops in the early days can be considered as one. However, the combat item has been improved with so many innovations and derivations.

A self-defense keychain is discreet where an attacker might not expect any counter-attacks from the defender. However, it is best for you to know that choosing the right combat self-defense device or accessory is depending on your comfort, tactics, skills, and efficiency of what works for you. A good example would be choosing a stun gun, but you cannot aim or shoot a target right, making it worthless and an irrelevant choice.

Why is it important to always have one?

Most of the EDC combat self-defense gears, gadgets, tools, and accessories are often disregarded by most people where in fact, it could be the very useful thing you’ll have in worst case scenarios. Money, cosmetics, phone, wallet, ID, and other things in your pouch or bag might not be the thing you’ll look for when you’re in a situation that puts your life at risk.

Additionally, these self-defense items don’t require much when it comes to maintenance, and most of them are of a cheap and reasonable price. That would mean that it is just a small investment that brings great impact in changing serious life situations in your favor. Furthermore, they are unisexual where people of different genders could use the devices with ease and comfort. They are usually light, compact and discreet where masculinity is not of any issues.

Also with self-defense keychain and or other of these legal self-defense devices, it could lessen your stress and anxiety with your surroundings. Somehow it can let you walk comfortably on the streets, train station, bus stops, sidewalks and other prone areas where attack or mugging might occur. It’s not a basis to keep your guard down, but it could put you in a good state of mind, allowing you to focus in the environment you’re in without worrying about how to defend from an attacker if one might come up.



  • If you can afford to buy a phone, then you can afford to buy a self-defense gadget. Most of them come at a very reasonable price and not at all expensive where it gives you a chance to fight for your safety at a smaller investment.
  • These gadgets, especially the self-defense keychain are small, compact and hard to spot with. It gives you an element of surprise to counter the attacker with the handy self-defense weapon you have or at least provide you with enough time and space to run away or call for help or run to the proper authorities.
  • The purpose, functionality, design, and comfort of these gadgets are based on a person with minimal self-defense skill where it doesn’t require any martial arts or self-defense skills rather than just your instinct to survive or escape the situation. It is more of a fight or flight base tools.


  • Most of these self-defense gadgets require the best aim you have as much as possible where having a lousy one could either risk your chance of getting injured by your attacker or inflict harm or injury to yourself.
  • A gadget that fires from a distance does not provide enough space or gap from you and the attacker. It’s usually just a few meters from where you stand and the farther the attacker is, the harder it gets to aim.
  • For sprays, it’s not that effective is the wind goes against you. It would give the attacker a big favor if you sprayed and instead, get yourself inflicted, rendering you blind and immobile.

Below are some of the best and handy self-defense keychain I HIGHLY RECOMMEND:

Huayang Opening Tactical Folding Knife 

Our first recommended self-defense product is a discreet, very short and small pocket knife from Huayang. It is a keychain and a pocket knife at the same time. The design camouflages the appearances of an actual pocket knife. It is about 12.7 cm long in total length where the blade is approximately 4.8cm and the handle being 7.5cm in length. The product comes with a keychain tower and a folding pocket knife that looks like a key. It’s not only used for self-defense but can also be used as a handy cutting tool during your outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, traveling and more.

SABRE RED Kuros! Pepper Spray 

Next is a keychain pepper spray. It can hardly be thought of as a pepper spray as the design discreetly shows major characteristics of a self-defense spray if not carefully looked closely. It’s a handy tool that helps support people of any gender, most especially women and underage people. The self-defense tool has a potent and strong formula that could easily stop an attack if sprayed successfully. The attacker can barely keep its eyes open as well as keep its focus when the spray hits its face. The formulation also includes a UV dye that allows you to easily ID the suspect if necessary thereafter. 

MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain 

For a physical and more of a man-brawling self-defense keychain, this designer keychain from Munio will make a man out of you. The product is recommended by different law enforcing entity as well as by most experts and masters of martial arts. It does not violate any laws of any states as it’s far less deadly but could inflict damage that could partially immobilize or knock attacks unconscious. The non-lethal keychain is legal in airports, subways, and more as it does not violate any rules of transportation. It boosts the impact of your fist by a few times where each punch you throw is heavy, compact and strong. This is great for both men and women.

Bear Gentleman Safety Alarm 

Lastly, who would mistake this cute adorable stuff toy for a loud security alarm? This non-lethal self-defense gadget is not a weapon but more of a self-defense alarm system. It is a good anti-rape and anti-robbing device for women and children. It is small but once tipped off, can trigger the alarm with sound measuring over 130 decibels. The device features an alarm bolt that triggers the alarm system once pulled. It will startle people around the area once you’re in distress, making an attacker have second thoughts about continuing any plans of assaults. It’s small, undetectable and easy to use.

For people who do not have any combat experience or have zero self-defense skills, I would recommend either the SABRE RED Kuros! Pepper Spray or the Bear Gentleman Safety Alarm. The reason would be carrying around a self-defense keychain knife or a knuckle booster with no experience is not advised. It can be easily taken from you and used against you. Some of you might say that it’s better to injure them than them injuring you but the truth is, attackers are used to this situations and scenarios and if you have no clue on how to properly use or doesn’t have any combat skills, stick to a non-lethal self-defense gadget.


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