Best Patriotic Party Favors for Non-Partisan Debate Watching

Best Patriotic Party Favors for Non-Partisan Debate Watching

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 Here are some decidedly American-looking pillows to get everybody in the mood for a great debate. These are also a very affordable choice.  

The time for American political debates is starting to wind up for the 2018 political season. I tend to treat these televised debates the way many people do with the Oscars or The Grammy Awards. 

I invite friends over, pop the popcorn, and make sure there are plenty of libations to go around. My friends run the whole political spectrum, however, and the single rule I have at these viewing parties is respect towards one another. We all have different political beliefs, and depite that, we have remained friends for over twenty years.

It can be a very tough type of party to operate, but one thing I have found that works very well is having decorations that are goofy and above all else, politically neutral! If you have a decoration up that Conservatives love, but that Liberals hate, that’s not a neutral decoration, and you will probably leave half of your guests feeling a little bitter.

While everyone is obviously going to have their own beliefs about who their next representatives should be, it should absolutely be celebrated that you have friends who care enough to participate and to vote themselves. More than anything else, that is what helps a democracy to exist more than anything else, and more than any one party.

Here are some wonderful ideas for decorations that are fun and welcoming to everybody at the party. This election, like any other national election in the United States does not just help to create the narrative for the country itself, but to the entire world. What happens matters, and celebrating the process we go through of electing the individuals who are responsible for these decisions is a big deal.

Now, here are some of the decorations I use to keep these parties joyful, warm and welcoming to everybody’s political affiliation.

Yay, snack boxes that show your pride in the United States without making snarky remarks about the 'other sides' candidate on them. This is a great start to set up a debate watching party. On top of that, Oriental Trading Company is known for providing a staggering variety of party products cheap.

Please, please note that this name was created by A Japanese immigrant (Harry Watanabe) to the United States almost 100 years ago. Many people now refer to this company by its acronym, OTC. The family has made it clear they don't want to change the name, as it is now publicly traded, and they believe the patriarch in the family was proud of the business he established, which employs thousands of Americans.

Now, this is an idea that you will have to get creative with. In I tried to find a patriotic styled card where the entries are left blank so that you could get an idea of what I mean. For every number, for instance, have a phrase that one would commonly hear in a debate. It's risky, but it is fun. Try some Bingo out and see if your friends can stay calm.

Here are some decidedly American-looking pillows to get everybody in the mood for a great debate. These are also a very affordable choice.

Here is a creative DIY project by Emily Garrison, that you can either try to recreate yourself by going to a craft store and finding a wooden or tin cut out of the country, and then by using sticker art. You can also contact Emily Garrison herself on her website named for herself, and seeing if you can contract her for such an amazing piece of work.

There really are a lot of other products out there, whose images just did not meet our standards to be include here. But here is a nice place to start. Remember to keep the peace this political season. None of us really knows what will happen, except that we will all still have to live with each other and be friends afterwards

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