Best Gift Ideas for Guitar-Lovers

Best Gift Ideas for Guitar-Lovers

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I've been playing the guitar for 10 years now. Since I started my love for music, I have received a lot of gifts from friends and families that I would like to share with you in this article. Some of them I really love, while some of them I just can't live without! Here are some of them: 

1. Clip-on Tuner

Almost every guitarist I know owns a tuner. But believe me when I tell you that having a second one (or even a third one) is an excellent idea. I got this as a gift from my Violin teacher and it’s a great tool that I use to keep my instruments in tune. As a musician who has been playing for years, this is one of the gifts I always love to receive. This is really handy since it also works for bass, ukulele, and violin. It is super easy to use since there is only a single button that controls everything. It also features a color indication (the blue color changes to green when on the right note). If you’re looking for a perfect gift for the guitar-love in your life, you won’t go wrong with this one!

2. DIY Guitar Pick Punch 

I really love having one of these. Like many other guitarists, I know how easy it is to lose guitar picks. For those who would love to have an endless supply of guitar picks (like me!), this is definitely a must-have. With this awesome puncher, I can make lots of picks using old credit cards or phone cards. At first, there is a slight roughness to the edges of your pick. That's totally fine. Simply swipe the edges over a cloth to smooth them out. It's also a cool way to get some use out of all the cards that you don't use anymore.

3. Wooden Guitar USB Flash Drive

Guitar players and music lovers would love this little wooden guitar USB flash drive. This one is not essential for guitar players, but it’s so cool to have one! I got this for my birthday and the first thing that came to my mind was how adorable it was to look at. The 16GB capacity also holds a lot of my music and data. Magnetic inserts fasten the two parts together. Plus, it's made from real wood so I was able to paint it up a little. I love it!

4. Guitar Capo

This is another guitar essential for me. This capo is very easy to use. It also fits very well so that all my guitar strings are evenly clamped down. For those who didn't know, a capo is a guitar tool that musicians use to shorten the length of the fret board. Basically, it raises the key 1 half-step (depending on which fret you place it). Capos are not just a "cool" or "fun" guitar tool. It really helped me in playing and practicing my craft, and it also boosts my confidence when I was just a beginner guitarist. A little reminder: Never leave the capo on the guitar for a long time because it may lessen the life of the frets and even bend the guitar strings over time.

Have you found the perfect gift for the guitar-lover in your life? Hope this simple gift guide helps! 

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