Best four Tasers for Personal Defense

Best four Tasers for Personal Defense

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So are you tired of feeling insecure as you walk around the neighborhood or even moving around the town? Would you like to find some kind of protection now that the world has become an insecure place to be in? the best thing to get is a taser. Which kind? you may ask, with the many tasers in the market, it may be a good idea to do some research and ensure that what you buy conforms to these specifications that we have gone out of our way to get for you. the first thing to consider is the volts, the higher the voltage the more powerful the taser is. Most go up to 50,000 volts.

Ensure that the battery life is up to par. You want one that will last. There is nothing as embarrassing as having a taser with no charge. The bad guy would have a field day. If the taser comes with a flashlight then you are in luck. Who knows, it may come in handy in those pitch dark days.

A good charger is just as important as a good battery, ensure it comes with one. do not get a taser that will bog you down, a portable, lightweight taser is perfect and if it fits in your bag without making it too obvious then you are in luck. A taser with a warranty will give you the confidence to know you are holding quality.

1. Vipertek VTS-989

At number one is the Vipertek VTS-989 this stun gun is the perfect tool for the person who wants to take her power back. It comes with shock plates built on the side of the gun to give a shock to any adversary who thinks of snatching it from you. For those dark nights, this stun gun comes with a flashlight so you will know exactly who you are using it on. The vipertek comes with very strong spike electrodes that penetrate any form of clothing that an attacker may think are protective.

The good thing about this one is that it comes with a non slip grip to help prevent accidental dropping and the internal rechargeable battery will ensure that you are never caught unawares as it can last for long without necessitating a charge. The icing on the cake, the vipertek comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. Terminator Stun Gun

If you want to terminate a burglar then the terminator stun gun is the go to gun. Coming with a lifetime warranty, this stun gun inspires confidence in the holder. The blinding LED light will blind your attacker giving you that advantage you need to stun him and keep him pinned to the ground.  For portability, it comes with a heavy duty holster that fits discreetly into any belt. The gun plugs easily into the wall and has prongs that fold away to ensure your taser is always charged and the charge will go for as long as five months without necessitating a recharge.

3. Streetwise Ladies Choice

For the ladies, we have not left you behind. This sleek, pink, inexpensive, Taser is well suited for a woman's hand . It comes with a very loud alarm to attract passersby and offer you assistance when you need it. The taser fits in the purse discreetly and even the pocket. It comes with an inbuilt charger which you can charge at home.

if you are scared of accidentally hurting yourself or setting it off then fret not, the inbuilt safety pin will keep it in check and you won't get into any accidents. If you think the voltage on this one is dainty then you are in for a rude shock as it comes with 21 million volts.

4. LetsFunny Mini Lipstick Stun Gun

If you want protection then you do not want your assailant to know you have it. Catching him unaware will give you the edge you require.  The Lets Funny Mini Lipstick Stun Gun comes in a small compact size that fits in your purse as well as your pocket. It comes with an internal rechargeable battery and even comes with a charging cord that is totally free at no extra cost. The LED flashlight offers both security and blinding defense when it is called for. The stunning loud noise made by the stun gun will shock even the assailant. If you are looking for a concealed lethal weapon then this tiny Funny Mini Lipstick Stun gun is the ideal


The world is no longer safe and walking on the streets can be even more dangerous than walking in a bush. For that added sense of security arming oneself with a stun gun will make a person's life that much smoother. This collection of top stun guns will give you peace of mind as you go about your life without breaking the bank.

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