Best Five Places to Spend your Christmas this Year

Best Five Places to Spend your Christmas this Year

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Yaaaay! It that time of the year we all look forward to, Christmas. So what makes Christmas so unique? Apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus, it usually usher us into the New Year. It is that moment when everyone looks forward to meeting with their families and hanging out with their loved ones. 

Most importantly, companies usually close for the year before December 25 and then you have every opportunity to visit the places you have always looked forward to.

1. Santa Claus Village, Finland

The famous Santa Claus Village, located in the North of Rovaniemi in Finland, is one of the places you will look forward to visiting in Christmas. It hosts an amusement park that stays vibrant for winter activities, Christmas themed shops and top-notch restaurants. Well, admission is free. As one of the best places to be in Europe during Christmas, you will be able to behold some igloos. 

2. Ice Hotel, Sweden

For a proper getaway during Christmas away from the stress, you should visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden. From the snowy adventures to the traditional foods and drinks, you should get ready for a Swedish Christmas. The Ice Hotel is usually built from snow and ice from the Torne River. Every year, over 30 artists from 17 different countries are selected to design and build the hotel every year. It appears all magical and truly a place everyone should see. 

Do not forget to come with some warm clothing like cardigans, mufflers and gloves because this place can really get cold. Although, they provide duvets that keeps you warm.

3. Miracle Garden, Dubai

As we approach the month of December, other countries might become so cold to spoil your Christmas fun except for Dubai. Dubai experiences a dry desert climate that makes it sunny all year round. So while it is cold elsewhere, you can come to soak up in winter sun in Dubai. One of the places you should aim to visit is the Miracle Gardens, a botanical wonder carved to take a special place in the heart of its first-time visitors.

4. Krabi, Thailand

Right there on the western coast of Southern Thailand is where all the fun begins. Krabi Town still remains one of the best places in Thailand to relax amongst the unspoilt beaches and turquoise water. This is every holiday-maker low key escape. If you want a place out from the Christmas frenzies, then find your way to Krabi Town. Although, there are some hotels that organise programmes for Christmas especially for tourist.

5. Maldives

You should decide to experience Christmas differently this year by visiting the Maldives where you will be able to spend your Christmas surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean. December in the Maldives happens to be in dry season and no rainfall or excessive cold will stop your holiday. While the Maldives happens to be a Muslim country, there are various resorts there that provide Christmas dinner options for a traditional Christmas. 

Here is another place to have a low-key Christmas holiday.This is the best Christmas you should be looking forward to. With all the stressful activities, you deserve to spoil yourself a little with some of the good ambiences the world has got to offer. So what can stop you? funds? Did you know you can pay off flights in installment? Yes, you can with Airfare Center, a trusted UK based travel agency. Let nothing stop your dream holiday.

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