Before you stress over picking a valentine dress, think about these!

Before you stress over picking a valentine dress, think about these!

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It's few days to the  widely celebrated Valentine's Day  and there are a good number of lovers who have decided to enjoy the day and night together. Now, at seasons like this, ladies tend to be confused about what to wear, but really you don’t need to buy anything new, you can just mix and match something from your closet and you’ll find that perfect outfit. Make sure it’s flirty and feminine; there is nothing more enticing than a well put-together feminine outfit. You should consider these before picking a valentine dress.

Where you are going 

Anyone going on a date must be careful in picking a dress, what you are wearing is one of the first things your date will notice, it’s advisable you make a wise decision on your outfit. In order to pick wisely you have to know where you are going and pick a suitable clothing for such place. Is it a candle-lit romantic dinner? you should pick something sexy and appealing to the eyes. Also avoid being over dressed for the occasion as that can be so embarrassing. A touch of red could also be advisable, either the shoe or the purse, as your partner might not want you looking like a hibiscus flower. 

Your budget

Your budget is also another essential thought to put into consideration, although as stated earlier, you can make do with what is in the wardrobe but if you insist on getting a new dress probably to attach memories to such piece of clothing. You don’t have to break the bank to get a very lovely dress to suit your taste.

What you will be doing

Your choice of dress must also be determined by where you will be spending the Valentine outing, if it’s going to be a sort of relaxation centre, you could pick a fun and smart dress that your date will be all over. If it is going to be a dinner, you could wear a lightweight dress that fits perfectly,probably something that reveals some skin. You could also add a bit of accessories to tone it up.

The weather

If your country’s weather is cold during this month, a winter jacket should be taken along and if the weather is hot, avoid dresses that could stick on you when you sweat, avoid leather dresses or shoes as this increase the great heat one feels. Ensure you wear a light make-up and not something heavy, that could make you sweat more and your makeup run. Be sure to consider the weather in your pick. 

Your comfort

The last thing to consider is your comfort, you don’t want to go to a date and you can barely sit at your dress is too fitted, or smile because you are wearing waist trainers and the likes, a dress that wouldn’t accentuate whatever shape you have should be a no-no! A Valentine outing is usually romantic, I bet you don’t want  to be uptight ask through. Make sure your dress doesn’t stop you from enjoying the night because it might be easy for your date to be able to tell that you are uncomfortable. 

These are the tips to share, I hope you enjoy the night! 

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