Beauty shine: top best highlighters / part 2

Beauty shine: top best highlighters / part 2

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I continue to share my thoughts about creating fresh and glowing make up. Even if you are not going to any special event, it’s just fun to experiment with different elements of “drama” using makeup products.

So, this is second part of my list of top best highlighters.

HOURGLASS Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette

The last addition to my cosmetic bag is this beautiful Hourglass palette. It was recommended to me by my friend, quite famous makeup artist in my city. I love that there are three different colors in one palette, perfectly fitting to different reasons of going out. This highlighter is almost like a fixing powder that covers imperfections and gives you an extra glittering look.

BOBBI BROWN Highlighting Powder Bronze Glow

This cutie is one of my discoveries from the one of the magazines. It’s a highlighting powder / bronzer that will give  you a very natural bronze finish and will make you look glowing. Apply this product over your cheekbones, under the brow line and on the back of your nose – the radiant gold tint will make you look like you’ve just returned from a exotic vacations.

BOBBI BROWN Illuminating Moisture Balm

Another one of my last foundings from Bobbi Brown is Illuminating Moisture Balm.  My skin is quite dry in cold season, so it absorbs up all the moisture and hydration it can get from anywhere. If you apply the Illuminating Moisture Balm on your usual skin cream it will give you a bit of glow right away. If you would like to have an very glittering effect and your skin is also dry during winter, this product can become your new must have.

ZOEVA Highlight Brush

The products will only work if you are also using good  tools. I have described all the excellence of German brand ZOEVA in one of my articles before.  The quality of their brushes really does make the difference, so it is worth it to invest once in them. Brilliant quality for a very reasonable price. For all powd highlighting products, just buy a small, fluffy brush that will allow you to focus on small areas, for example, your brow line or cheeckbones.

Another my love is the Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury Highlighter. 

It’s a very warm and nutty color powder and one of the strongest highlighters in my makeup routine. As for me it’s superb during summer when usually you have some tan on your skin, during winter time I found it  too red and warm. Well, it’s quite hard to find it on the shelves of stores, but if you are as lucky as me, I highly recommend it! 

Okay, all we know the good products and tools now, but where and how we apply them? The answer is very simple: just find the highest planes on your face – this is where the light will naturally fall. Cheeks, back of the nose, brow bones and Cupid’s bow are the spots you need to highlight. If you don’t want to highlight too much, you can just use this tip: swipe the product in a sideways V form that goes from the temple to the cheekbones. This is very easy and quick way to highlight your cheeks and to get fresh and shiny effect.

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