Beat the Heat: 6 things that will keep you cool on Sunny Hot day!

Beat the Heat: 6 things that will keep you cool on Sunny Hot day!

By avatarIreneKuok


It has been quite a while since our skin burnt every single day under the Sunlight in Singapore. I've heard many of my friends complaining about perspiration on the face, melted makeups, and heat exhaustion is killing them. Here are some great ideas on how you can utilize and do it the budget way than standing in front of your fridge entire day. My top 6 Tips & Products on Superble, here for you:

1) Drink More Water and Hydrate yourself well - Bring your Water bottle everywhere you go! Bringing huge water bottle also can trick yourself into drinking more water Daily. At least this is what I do. I prefer to hydrate my entire body, that includes my skin and hair than being dried up!

2) Go for Clothing made of cotton, linen, or jersey. Stay Airy! - If there's no dressing code, sportswear are good because it tends to be much Airy than most of our other clothing. 

3) Op for Cotton Bedsheet when having an Afternoon Nap - Cotton lets your skin breathe. It also absorbs moisture to keep your body temperature stable.

4) Put Icecubes in a bucket behind your Fans with a cloth underneath the bucket - The so-called "Ice Fan" is pretty much a Lifehack for DIY Air-conditioner. Even better if you've Air-conditioner.

5) Shower more often - Wipe clean after every shower, apply Cooling powder.

6) Go Swimming - Have some fun in the water! Swimming Pools are some good and intelligent way of keeping ourselves cooling than sweat.



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