An Example of a Great Cleaning Routine

An Example of a Great Cleaning Routine

By avatarkalleyheili00

How do you clean your home? I mean, how do you start the cleaning process? Do you have a specific list? Do you start with the floors, all the way up to the furniture, or vice-versa?

I and my friends have different “rituals” when cleaning the house. But most of us have a similar list. Let me show you mine:

What I Clean Every Single Day

Do laundry and do the dishes. That’s an everyday cleaning priority for me. If you have kids, the laundry basket gets so fast to pile up. I also wipe all counter tops and tables every day. 

Lastly, garbage bins have to be emptied every day. My husband does this though. He also helps a lot around the house during his free time.

What I Clean Every Week

My husband cleans the bathroom every week. Yeah, it is his job. He rubs the tiles, shower and sinks.

As for me, I change the bed linens and blankets in every bedroom weekly.

There are times when I find myself cleaning the floors on a daily basis too, but I would still include it in my weekly task. So, sweeping and mopping are weekly tasks.

If there are clothes that have to be hand washed and ironed, I do it every week too. But machine wash is a daily task.

I almost forgot, folding of clothes also belongs to this time period. I also check the closet if there are messy clothes that have to be refolded. That happens, right?

What I Clean Every Month

Depending on the weather, I also wash the window curtains. My daughter is suffering from dust allergy so this is important. I want to do it weekly, as much as possible, but it seems hard. 

The vacuum is up once every month too. Dust is easy to seep into carpets so this is a must. 

What I Clean Every Once in a While

Every once in a while I clean the insides of my kitchen cabinets. I have a storage room that is filled with grocery items but some of them, I admit, may reach the expiration date. I do my best to avoid this from happening. But sometimes it is just inevitable! So anyway, I clean the storage and even check the fridge. Again, there might be several expired items or products that I am not going to use anymore.

Last but not least, I check my closet (my husband’s as well) for clothes that we do not wear anymore. I put in in a box or a small bag for donation. We have “garage sale” fundraiser at church so we bring all the items we are not using anymore.

Cleaning is tiring, but it could be fun too. How about you? Do you also have a cleaning “ritual?” I hope I was able to give you some tips and ideas with my routine.

Having a cleaning routine helps a lot. But having the right products is even more important. Thankfully, there are numerous cleaning products and tools that are available for us today. My mom always says that these cleaning tools are not available decades ago. So let’s make use of them! I feature the best one here in my article. Enjoy!

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