All the Secrets to Get Your Partner Multiple Orgasm

All the Secrets to Get Your Partner Multiple Orgasm

By avatarjianho

This might sound taboo, but it isn’t. Multiple orgasm is searched by 1000s of Singaporeans every month and the right partner is always looking for ways to increase the libido in his or her relationship.

Hence, I thought about sharing some of the secrets that I stole from books and podcasts offered by doctors and professional experts. In the points below, you can find easy instructions to follow not just during the actual intercourse, but also before and after it. 

Let’s start by busting the myth that having multiple orgasms is something that only exotic mantra teachers can get or give; having multiple orgasm, says REDBOOK Love Network expert Lou Paget, means that you have more than one climax peak during one sex session. And this might surprise you but women can have multiple O's more often than for men, since they don't go through a post-orgasm recovery period.

So, what’s the ABC of sexploration? I break it down in steps:

First, get in the right mood

Outside sexual stimuli play a big role in your preparation to your sequence of multiple Os. Sexual stimuli can be given by many things, here’s a short list: music, candles, massage, movies, even food (go for oysters or strawberries, if you want to be fancy)!

Second, tease it out

So, it’s getting hot in here and you are starting to feel that strong desire. All the cards are in place and you are ready to hit the ball go with the flow. Pickup a luxurious piece of garment and pass it delicately on your more sensitive areas of the body, usually the neck the breasts. Carry on until your body is really hitting up and then move on to genital stimulation, not yet on to penetration though. Oral or manual action can do wonders in the first act of your sexual intercourse, so don’t skip it! Delay the orgasm until you can't hold it anymore.

Finally, it’s time for the O’

Now, something the lady can do is what’s called Kegel exercises, which are designed to contract the PC muscles, which have very high correlations to the orgasm.

If you think this is over, it isn’t! You still have a lot to give and feel :) begin with stimulation within 30 seconds after your first orgasm. Your body is still highly aroused and you should take advantage of that with the support of your partner. The genital areas can be stimulated again and the lady in particular can still make good use of the Kegels exercises.

Multiple O’s can come in different forms and sequences, so don’t focus on the goal of a single or double orgasm, but rather on the pleasure you are having with your partner. The idea is to prolong that feeling as much as possible to spend the night of your dreams with your love and feel sexually connected like you never felt before! 


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