Affordable Cleaning Agents for Your Filthy Bathroom

Affordable Cleaning Agents for Your Filthy Bathroom

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Did you ever felt like your day is so boring? Or do you have a math problem that it gives you a headache thinking about the easiest solutions and you cannot find the answers?

There are so many things you can do to give yourself a pause and freshen up. When you got bored or something, just try to take a look at your surroundings, maybe there are still some things that need your time. Your house can be one, try to check around and maybe you wanna do the cleaning to kill the time. 

If so, go to your bathroom and check it out. Now, pick up some cleaning soap and scrubbing brush so you can start digging for the dirt.

Some people even call it a therapy. It is a great strategy to divert problems that have been dwelling in their minds for a while. They tend to keep themselves busy than just lying down in burden. With this, you can focus on cleaning and at the same time, you may even think of a different solution that may just pop up in your mind amidst.

This is one of the strategic remedies which proactively makes you productive, you can think and find ways to problems while making other job done.

Having a bad day then, I thought of doing such and here are the cleaning agents that I got in cleaning the bathroom.

1. Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet cleaning is not an easy task as you can imagine. That is why it is better to use certain cleaning agents and disinfectants just like Tuff toilet bowl cleaner which can kill up to 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and germs. The thick disinfectant formula adheres to the stains while making it softer for better cleaning while disinfecting. You may also use a rubber glove, cleaning sponge and a toilet brush to further remove stains. 

2. Zonrox Bleach

The tiles, shower, and bath are the most to call an attention while inside of the bathroom. So, it is important to maintain its cleanliness especially when you got regular guests coming. If you ain't got one of the tile cleaners, you can have Zonrox bleach.  This can be one best agent that you may be needing to remove tough stains and odors. 

As advertised, it kills 99.99% of germs you don't see. It cleans deeper than just the surface, fights disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can be found anywhere but your bare eyes cannot.

 Just add any detergent powder, use the sponge and do the brushing. RInse it off and see the difference it makes.

3. Champion Detergent Powder

Cleaning a wash basin can be the easiest part but a nasty one, of course, that is why I use Champion detergent powder. It perfectly mild and gentle to sensitive hands as it kills bacteria beyond our sight. If the stains remain, you can also use it together with a bleach.

4. Downy Fabric Conditioner

After cleaning all areas in the bathroom you can use the Downy fabric conditioner. This fabric conditioner helps your toilet smells fresh and anew, leaving them with a lush fruity and floral scents that may lift your spirit and freshen up as you go back inside after a while.

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